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Firefox 9 is jittery when Windows 7 display theme other than "basic" is enabled; how can this be resolved?


When browsing and reading web pages in Firefox 9.0.1, the second monitor I have attached to my laptop jitters and jumps. This is only resolved when I switch the Windows 7 display theme to the "basic" theme. I would really like to resolve this so that I may use other Windows 7 operating themes and Firefox, without the extra monitor becoming jittery. This problem does not occur with IE browser.

Additional System Details

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

This started when...

I started using firefox with windows 7


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Please try disabling Use hardware acceleration when available and Use smooth scrolling (if enabled) in Tools (Alt + T) > Options > Advanced > General.

Question owner

Yes, I have tried disabling hardware acceleration and smooth scrolling. This has not helped the problem. I also disabled all addons, and that did not help. Thanks for the suggestions, but I am still looking for a solution.