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I have FF 3.6.25 and can't install the yoville zynga gamebar i get an error msg that its not a valid install package - 207. can someone help me with this so that it will work?


i'm running ff 3.6.25 and can't install the yoville zynga gamebar the message i get is as follows:

Firefox could not install the file at http://zynga.ourtoolbar.com/xpi because: Not a valid install package -207

i installed it on my mom's pc after installing ff to it and it worked fine.

Additional System Details

This happened

Just once or twice

This started when...

i clicked on install for installing the gamebar

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  • - The WorldWinner plug-in allows you to enjoy online casual games with the thrill of playing for cash and prizes


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More Information

Firefox could not install the file at http://zynga.ourtoolbar.com/xpi because: Not a valid install package -207

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You may have to update Firefox. Please also check the Firefox version on mom's PC: Help (Alt + H) > About Firefox.



Useful links:

All about Tools > Options

Going beyond Tools > Options - about:config

about:config Entries

Page Info Tools (Alt + T) > Page Info, Right-click > View Page Info

Keyboard Shortcuts

Viewing Video without Plugins

Firefox Profile Folder & Files

Firefox Commands

Basic Troubleshooting

After Upgrading

Safe Mode

Problematic Extensions

Troubleshooting Extensions and Themes

Troubleshooting Plugins

Testing Plugins

Question owner

update?? it said in posts i read that versions prior to version 4 will allow the install but if i update is it going to work?.... i'm scared to, lol

can you offer anymore info please?


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You are right, it's compatible. Please try this: right-click on the above link, choose Save Link As... and Save (please note the download folder). Left click the downloaded file, drag it to the Firefox icon on the Taskbar and when Firefox maximises, release it over the opened window.

Question owner

which link? i don't see one except the help links posted in first reply


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Right-click the link that you posted and use Save Link As....

Then drag that XPI file into Firefox - or use File > Open File within Firefox and select that file.

Compatibility is Firefox 3.0 thru Firefox 10.0

Question owner

i tried to save it as you said and it comes up as a gif why i don't know nor how to get it to save as a file i've tried again and it doesn't work that way what else can i do?

and thank you so much for helping me i appreciate it!

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Please try to rename the file as .xpi ie. change the ending .gif to .xpi. If .gif is not visible you may have to open Computer, click Organize on the top left choose Folder and Search Options, choose the View tab on top and in the middle box scroll down until you see Hide extensions for known file types and uncheck the tick. You can later check / enable this option.

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That is a signed file, so any modifications made by your security software (firewall, anti-virus software) or otherwise will invalidate the file.

Which security software (firewall, anti-virus) do you have?

Paste this code in the location bar to get a link that allows to save the file via the right-click context menu.

data:text/html,<a href="http%3A%2F%2Fzynga.ourtoolbar.com%2Fxpi">%26lt;http://zynga.ourtoolbar.com/xpi%26gt;</a>

Question owner


i use kasperky pure i tried to do that but it still wants to save as a gif don't understand that

sorry for all the trouble

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You can try running the portable Firefox 9.0.1. . This doesn't update the currently installed Firefox and you can use the two different versions of Firefox. If all the usual websites are working properly in this Firefox, you can update the 3.6.25 later, say after a week or two.

Please also see this. When installing choose a local location like Documents.

Question owner


i tried all the options given and here is what happens:

doing the copy paste i saved it and renamed it i put it into the icon on ff as said and it comes up with a corrupted message as before after i tried installing it again. i've updated to latest version of ff and still won't work.

any other suggestions are appreciated thank yal!

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If possible you can try to turn off Kaspersky until at least the file has been downloaded/installed. You can also try to download the file on another PC, transfer it to this PC and try to install it.