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Firefox 8 keeps freezing so I open task manager and end the process plugin-container.exe and it starts working again. What is going on

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As I said. Firefox has never given me any problems over the years. However, in the last 3 weeks it keeps freezing on me. When it does this I open the task manager and end the process "plugin-container.exe". This then gets firefox going again.

This is happening on both my work computer and my home computer. All plugins on both are eith up to date or disabled.

I did get some random flash crash messages earlier today when I hadn't even got Firefox open. Please sort this out as it's getting very annoying.

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I am having this trouble too. Plugin.exe is almost always at the top of my cpu usage list and it's getting annoying. If this isn't fixed soon, I am back to google's browser...for good. I have development and a biz going on this machine and I cannot allow this to keep up. It's seriously getting in the way.

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I've got the same problem on one of my computers just after having upgraded to FF8! There are continual freezing FF about in twenty-thirty seconds after it starting. Java&Flash plugins are both up to date. I post last crash report ID's as well:

6763e8c4-fa1e-47a6-9554-dcb794e19b84  08.12.2011  23:03

58933c70-068c-4fbd-acd5-6ecdf44e4e7a 21.11.2011 7:00

5614057b-d5af-44d2-bce4-2236f9bfd479 07.11.2011 19:38

e7b58b86-1be0-4926-be48-60f3f8739e08 12.10.2011 18:41

649c30af-51cc-4a14-830b-c160990cfcf8 12.10.2011 18:41

60f53bed-43ef-43cf-8ff4-c8ad36baf678 06.10.2011 14:50

561f89f1-caf0-49f6-980c-03cd6d677175 06.10.2011 14:50

Please, give me a piece of good advice what can i do to make FF work properly?

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fmDeveloper. In fairness, it was pretty obvious from the start that it was Flash. And it is a firefox problem if Flash is continually crashing in your browser.

You say that plugin-container.exe is supposed to stop firefox crashing when a plug-in crashes. However, this is not happening. When the Flash plug-in crashes Firefox is freezing.

So as much as you may not like it, Flash crashing is a Firefox problem.

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FYI - a freeze is not a crash. If you really believe it is Firefox, capture a stacktrace using the instructions below (WinDbg), open a bug report, and someone will take a look. If you post the bug ID here I will take a look at it myself and CC some developers/other support people I know.

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From your point of view maybe fmdeveloper. But to me a freeze is the same as a crash i.e. Firefox stops working. And my first post says freeze.

I don't know what it is. It looks like it's flash causing the problem but as far as I'm concerned, it's also firefox's problem if the browser keeps stopping.

Maybe it is just time to move to Chrome

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I have the "freeze" here on my Mac and my PC. In both cases Flash is the culprit.

Maybe I'll go back to an older version of Flash, since this started when I updated all my machines to the most recent versions of Flash.

Damn Adobe for their crappy software ...

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I started having this issue when I updated to FF 8. Maybe it's a coincidence and Flash is the problem. Or could be something about how Flash and FF 8 interact. What I do know is that I just went back to FF 3.6.24 and I was able to see a vid that was all spazzed out when I tried to see it in FF 8.

Curious to see what happens over next few days. With FF 8, could not go more than 1 or 2 days before things hit molasses stage and I either had to kill the plugin or reboot my laptop.

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You totally rock! CPU went to ZERO! I have been blessed exceedingly with your brilliant mind. I needed your help today and you gave it to me. Thanks! Ralph

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Not one issue since going to FF 3.6.24.

I'm going to stay away from FF 8 until this gets sorted out. Might even give Chrome a try. But after years with FF... But hey, trying something new is how I ended up a FF user years ago.

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you can disable plugin-container.exe by typing about:config in your address bar. In the filter type dom.ipc.plugins.enabled and change the value of all these preferences to false. Restart firefox and no more plugin-container.exe

in depth -

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I'm getting fed up with Firefox. It use to be the BEST but now it crashes, takes up too much memory that its becoming so damn slow! What happened? Its that Damn plugin-container.exe and when they put add-ons on a web page instead of in the program. I'm either reverting back to an earlier edition or IE 8

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read this article. it will solve your Flash freezing problems. You're welcome.

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