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Can't download new version.


A box appeared in the UR corner of my screen, "Firefox 3.6.13 is available, with link to get it. Clicking the link, message is "there were problems checking for/dowloading/installing. . .because FAILED (UNK REASON). I can't get rid of the box. Went to Firefox site and downloaded version 8.0 but when I try to run it the message is "you must shut down Firefox" with an "ok" button. Firefox IS shut down but can't get past this point.

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tried to download new version

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Hey planetmike,

Firefox might still be running in the background. Right click in the task bar at the bottom of of Windows (next to the time and date) and select Task Manager. When the Task Manager opens, look at the running processes. If Firefox is still running you can end the process. Then try upgrading to FF 8 again.

There is also a Knowledge Base article called How to fix the Update Failed error message when updating Firefox that has some useful information it.

Hopefully this helps!

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The latest version of FF 3.6 is 3.6.24. You can get it here:


As for the report that Firefox is still running, check in the Task Manager under Processes. You may find Firefox listed there. If that is no use, then see this page: