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I do not want to submit to this page or use the bookmarks toolbar


I do not want to submit to this page. I do not want to do anything with the bookmarks toolbar.

I want to see all my bookmarks. I can't. Your predefined choices take up 1/10 of my space. I know a team of highly paid professionals has already determined what is best for me and what I really want and need, but I can't help but think if I do not want to submit to this page that I should be able to remove that stupid waste of space. But it appears you wont let me.

I bet your answer will be "you can see all of your bookmarks by hovering your mouse cursor over the arrow at the bottom of the list of bookmarks".

I don't think you heard me.

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I tried to delete it.

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Oh - you want me to read the stupid things too - even though I don't want them ?