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Where can I download / get Firefox 7.0.1?


Hello, I am aware that Version 8 is the current latest Firefox version, but I would like to please download Firefox Version 7.0.1. Is there anywhere on the official Mozilla Site to download version 7.0.1? Or alternatively can anybody from Mozilla please email me version 7.0.1. Thank you Ali

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You can find Firefox 7.0.1 download for Windows here . Let me know if you have any questions.

Link fixed as your blog is not a official site.

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ALWAYS download Firefox only from the Mozilla site. Downloading elsewhere, you may get an altered version of Firefox with who knows what added or changed.

If you will explain the problem(s) that you are having with Firefox 8, someone here will try to assist you. Beginning with Firefox 4, each subsequent update supercedes/supersedes the prior version and the prior version may contain security and stability issues that will not be updated.

If this reply solves your problem, please click "Solved It" next to this reply when signed-in to the forum.

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AJ Godinho 31 solutions 125 answers

FYI, the download link for Firefox 7.0.1 I provided is the official Mozilla Firefox site.

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I suggest that you post the direct Mozilla links for downloads and release notes. Most users have already read reviews or just want Firefox. I do not have time to read/wade through all of the info on the page you posted and review the links.

ALSO, any prior version of Firefox beginning with Firefox 4

  • is abandoned, no longer supported, and will not be updated even for known security and stability problems
  • Any link given to a Firefox user by a contributor on this forum should carry that warning along with "Use at your own risk".
  • The only currently supported and updated versions are Firefox 3.6 (now at 3.6.24) and Firefox 8, as of this reply date.

Mozilla download links for Firefox:

Mozilla link to all versions release notes:

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Back to 3.6.x for me then I guess.

It's been a hassle trying to have a nice looking theme that kept working since 4 and its many rapid follow on iterations. 8 seemed to totally break many themes that worked with 4 - 7.01, ugh.

It was nice of the guy to actually provide a link to 7.0.1. Folks often need prior version browser's because of restrictions placed on them by their IT departments, really (which test and certify things slowly).

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I don't understand how to do the download when I go to the link and see so many files. Can you elaborate?