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why is it so hard to get support


there is no way to contact u.nothing works.why does the plugin container constantly fail? ?this is a big piece a crap.n ur educated guesses r worthless.ifYOU WANT TO RUN A BUSINESS THEN PROVIDE SOME CUSTOMR SUPPORT OR ILL GO TO CROME

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This happened

A few times a week

This started when...

abiut 1yr ago

Installed Plug-ins

  • Default Plug-in
  • Shockwave Flash 11.0 r1
  • Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in, version
  • Next Generation Java Plug-in 1.6.0_26 for Mozilla browsers
  • NPRuntime Script Plug-in Library for Java(TM) Deploy
  • 4.0.60531.0
  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) plug-in for Mozilla browsers
  • Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape 10.1.1
  • The QuickTime Plugin allows you to view a wide variety of multimedia content in Web pages. For more information, visit the QuickTime Web site.


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Sorry you had trouble posting this question. The following article suggests updating Flash plugin and if that doesn't work, updating to the latest version of Firefox 7.01 to resolve plugin-container issues: https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/The%20Adobe%20Flash%20plugin%20has%20crashed#os=win&browser=fx35

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If you do update Firefox please note

  • the articles Update Firefox to the latest version & the link above do not properly explain that you will only be offered 3.6.23 (soon to be 3.6.24)
  • you will need to go to one of the download pages such as this for Firefox 7
  • take CARE, you do NOT need to use any option offering to remove personal settings, that will remove your profile resulting in loss of bookmarks and passwords.
    (There is normally no need to uninstall the old version, just use the default options and install Firefox 7 over the top of Firefox 3.6)

You may also need to consult the article Send plugin crash reports to help Mozilla improve Firefox

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well i did upgrade didnt work i went to7.01 does same exact things.and now silver light keeps crashing too i dont think u guys have ur crap together.i have update all plug ins dont work why is it none of u can make products that work or are bug free??soft ware is not that dam hard to write or put together.i used firefox in the early days was great now its a pain in the ass royally.if i open 4 windows the damn thing freezes up or crashes now how can i run tours like this???????i think its time i put u guys out of business.My business at least.if u can do no better then this u deserve to lose.maybe i need to go to google or somewhere that has its shit together.

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Firefox is customisable and can be used with a lot of third party software, you are for instance mentioning silverlight, but there is an awful lot of stuff but the downside is some combinations may cause problems.

The first thing you need to do if you would like to troubleshoot the problem is to use Firefox's Troubleshoot Firefox issues using Safe Mode

  • but do not make changes on the first options window, just click on continue
  • use only the default theme
  • if you still have problems then whilst still in safe mode disable all plugins

If firefox is actually crashing see Firefox crashes - Troubleshoot, prevent and get help fixing crashes

If it is hanging then For general information see

There are currently two reasons for hangs that are frequently reported

What version of silverlight is in use ? and is that up-to-date ?