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How do I organzie and delete bookmarks in my short toolbar list.

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I'm on a Mac OS X 10.4.7. My Firefox version is 3.6.23. I want to organize my shorter bookmarks toolbar list. It has duplicates and bookmarks I never wanted and it recently has moved my gmail account to the bottom of the list.

I'm on a Mac OS X 10.4.7. My Firefox version is 3.6.23. I want to organize my shorter bookmarks toolbar list. It has duplicates and bookmarks I never wanted and it recently has moved my gmail account to the bottom of the list.

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A, Deleting Bookmarks -followed instructions. when it said select the bookmark I wanted to remove, being in the bookmarks toolbar when I chose it, it went there. I pressed the blue star as requested, the edit this bookmark box came up and I choose "delete this bookmark". Several times. It NEVER left. So. . .

Could it be that the act of "selecting the bookmark to remove" which brings me there is not done by using the drop down menu to select it? Is there a way to select it without going to the toolbar bookmarks menu and going down to it? If so its not on the web page. If not, it didn't work. Not only that but. . 

the mere act of selecting the bookmark to try to delete it moved it up in prominence on the list. B. Sorting-bookmarks web page. This is for the side bar bookmarks. Not for the toolbar bookmarks. So this info was of no help. C. Didn't work. (sigh). See A&B.

Can I call someone for support? Is there a number to call? Or would email be better?

PS I LOVE cats! How'd ya know? Thanks for the silhouette of one as an avatar. = )

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Thanks for your fast reply. Before I get into what happened while I tried to follow the steps, I wanted you to know that I'm going to send you anther email reply that shows exactly what is in my folder for bookmarks toolbar. I think the problem is in a missing folder. But since I don't know what belongs in the Bookmarks Toolbar folder I'm not sure about that.

Okay, this is a long email, please bear with me. Your next option lead to going to pages that had dead ends. I went to:


I chose 2.2 in its contents page "Problems limited to bookmarks" Of the many choices on that page I first chose under "Other solutions", "What a Mac user may experience. (See "Other Solutions" image or go to it after selecting the link above-choices highlighted in yellow). I read it and was hesitant. What if this isn't the problem, Should I mess with the Library file? I have to be sure to match the solution to the proper problem.

So instead I chose to look up "Standard Diagnostic Steps" (next option) and went to that link (see image Standard Diagnostic Steps). Notice No. 2. The drop down menu for tools listed items that do not match my tools menu at all (See my tools menu list image). I assume the instructions are not for Firefox 3.6.23 for the Mac.

Trying a different approach I went back to the main page of the website listed above and chose another option under the "External Links" category.

It had an option which referred to "Bookmarks and Toolbar buttons not working after upgrading". Sounded promising but when I went there that page said it was no longer maintained and may need updating (see final image for that web page).. Also it's two subjects on that page referred only to missing bookmarks or tools which didn't seem to relate to the subject that page was supposed to address.

I suspect I'm missing a folder. So I plan to send you an image of the contents of my Bookmarks Toolbar folder and see if there should be a folder that shows all my bookmarks there. Not ones most visited, which is the only one that has any bookmark content. So check next email please and thanks.

Lynne the Cat ; )

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Again, I am on OS 10.4.7 and my Firefox is at 3.6.23. I just want to delete bookmarks in my Bookmarks Toolbar and rearrange their order of preference. Regular Bookmark Organizing works.

The attached image is the Bookmarks Toolbar drop down menu that I get when I go to Bookmarks in Firefox and select "Organize Bookmarks". I think there should be a folder that shows my bookmarks. But one doesn't exist. I can only access bookmarks most frequently visited. Could this be why I can't delete those bookmarks? because when I want to delete a bookmark out of the regular list at the top, I go to that folder which contains all my book marks, select one, right click on it and delete it. Easy. I can click and move items, no sweat. When I choose the Toolbars Bookmark folder, no such list shows up. Instead it lists whats on the image I'm enclosing. Only one folder has any bookmarks, ones most visited.

Could this be the problem? Shouldn't it too have my list of toolbar bookmarks so I can easily pick one and delete it or move it? If not, I think Mozilla should consider redesigning it that way. It makes sense to me but hey, wdik?

Meow-purru. . . "thanks", Lynne

Modified by lynne777

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  • "Most Visited" and "Recently Bookmarked" are examples of the so called Smart Bookmarks folders and are not real existing folders.
  • Such smart folders show a list created by a query of the places.sqlite database that stores the bookmarks and the history in Firefox.
  • The bookmarks that show up in such smart folder listing are stored elsewhere in another folder and any changes made are applied to the real bookmark or history item.
  • Such lists show a maximum of 10 entries by default and you add a new bookmark or visit a website then a new item is added at the top and the entry at the bottom disappears from that list.
  • The items that are removed from the list are not gone, but merely do not show up anymore in that list.
  • Any actions like copy & paste or delete that you perform on bookmarks in such a list are done on the original bookmark.
  • If you do not want a specific list then remove that query (right-click: Delete), but do not delete the content that is displayed in such a list.

Did you look in the Bookmarks Menu folder and in the Unsorted Bookmarks folder?

  • The Bookmarks Toolbar folder stores the bookmarks that you see on the (View > Toolbars >) Bookmarks Toolbar.
  • The Bookmarks Menu folder stores bookmarks that you see in the Bookmarks menu and create via "Bookmarks > Bookmark This Page" or "Bookmark This Link" in the right click context menu.
  • The Unsorted Bookmarks folder stores the bookmarks that are created by clicking the star at the right end of the location bar.
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You wrote: "Did you look in the Bookmarks Menu folder and in the Unsorted Bookmarks folder?

   * The Bookmarks Toolbar folder stores the bookmarks that you see on the (View > Toolbars >) Bookmarks Toolbar. "

WHERE? See image. This is what mine looks like when i follow your instructions. Its the SAME as the one under the Bookmarks/toolbars Bookmarks folder image I sent you in the last email, there's no list of all my toolbar bookmarks showing in any of these folders going through that route.

All I want to do is delete bookmarks in my bookmarks toolbar and rearrange them and since I've upgraded I can't do it anymore.

Again, does mine look different than what you suggest it should because I'm on a different version? I really think I'm missing something I should have. Cause what you tell me to look at doesn't look like what your telling me is there. So something else is wrong.

Would you be willing to please either refer me to a tech person's phone number or email or talk to one for me? You can send them what I've written so far or they can call me, I'll forward my number, or you can give me theirs. Because: We've written a lot and . . . It should not be this hard . and. . . I'm starting to get really frustrated. Admit it, I've been pretty good natured so far.

I know your trying your best, but somehow the problem is not being found using the standard information stuff you are sending me. Something else is going on and I need someone who can talk me through it or who can discern if I need to do something not out of an instruction book. I bet its something simple but not obvious. i just think it is.

Thanks again, and please don't take it personally. I'm just frustrated because I'm spending too much time on something that should be easier.


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What do you see if you open any of the other folders that show in the left pane in the screenshot in a [previous post] ?

Bookmarks that you see in Most Visited are located in one of the other folders.

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 shows Bookmarks toolbar folder

Bookmarks menu unsorted bookmarks.

Bookmarks Toolbar folder: you've seen what's in it, I sent it forward in two images already.

Bookmarks Menu shows all the bookmarks in my looooong bookmarks page, not in the toolbar but in "Bookmarks" in between "History" and "Tools"

The image below describes the next folders: None of those has my toolbar bookmarks in them and shouldn't. But I'll go through them:

 Recent Tags - empty
 Recently Bookmarked - Shows 10 recently bookmarked sites in my Loooooong bookmarks page. Not the ones in my Toolbars bookmarks.
 Quicksearches: as the name suggests
Import IE (Internet Explorer) Favorites: as the name suggests

Unsorted bookmarks: My Gmail account, 1 other bookmarks, a search tool for Firefox with a magnifying glass icon.That's it.

The only bookmarks I see are those in the loooooong bookmarks menu drop down.

I've yet to see any list of the toolba bookmarks in these panels under "Bookmarks'.

You saw the "Bookmarks Toolbar" folder contents: Most wanted, getting started, latest headlines, Google image results, Gmail folder contents: shows my most recent incoming mail.

Please, if you want to know what's in a folder, be more specific and name it or tell me which image you're referring too. I've sent a lot of images, it would help. I may have typed all this for nothing if it's not what you're asking because I'm guessing this is what you meant. Your description of what you wanted to know was pretty vague. I hope this answered it.

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Okay, a couple of days ago, I right clicked by the toolbar bookmarks and got this Dropddonw Toolbar menu. It had buttons and one was "cut" (see yellow highlighted button. I dragged it to that bar thinking maybe that would work.

I dropped down the toolbar bookmarks and chose a bookmark to delete. Then went to the cut button. It only cut the webpage in the search tool. See images below.


Trust me, if there's a way to delete my toolbar bookmarks I'd have done it by now. It's counter intuitive or there's something wrong.

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As I wrote above, you can't change which bookmarks to see in the Most Visited list as that list is generated automatically.
You can create a new folder on the Bookmarks Toolbar and place all bookmarks that you want to see there in it or place them directly on that toolbar if the fit.

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So now are you saying I can somehow make the bookmark that I don't want become the most wanted so it shows up in the most wanted folder? Are you saying that's how I can delete?

will you tell me how to delete bookmarks and rearrange them in my toolbar bookmarks or not? Give me a step 1, 2 , 3 without a website that doesn't work being sent. You already sent those.

I'm too frustrated. You won't give me someone else to talk to or send my message to anyone else. You keep sending me answers that don't relate to my question, you have me send you folder contents then don't respond to it.

this takes time from me. If you can't help me then let me get help somewhere else. I really don't think you know how i can do this.

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You can move that most visited folder from the Bookmarks Toolbar folder to another folder and create a new folder on the Bookmarks Toolbar for your own favorite sites if you want (more) control on witch sites you want to see in that folder on the Bookmarks Toolbar.

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And how does this apply to my problems of deleting and arranging my bookmarks toolbar?

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I'm still not sure what you want to achieve.

Can you give a clear example of the current situation and which changes you want to see in folders or bookmarks on the Bookmarks Toolbar?

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My bookmarks toolbar. (see image 1). See the duplicate bookmarks? I want to delete some of those. I also want to rearrange them. These are not the same bookmarks as the bookmarks in the Firefox menu bar. (See image two).

I used to be able to do that. But after the last upgrade, I can't organize them anymore. I can organize my long bookmark list, no problem. But not the bookmarks in image one. Those I can't.

Thanks for your time. I'll find out how some other way.

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URLs that you see in the list that opens if you click that arrow at the far end of the location bar are items that you typed or pasted in the location bar.
You should be able to remove them via Shift+Delete if you select (highlight) them with the cursor down key.

  • Click the (empty) input field on the web page to open the drop down list
  • Highlight an entry in the drop down list
  • Press the Delete key (on Mac: Shift+Delete) to remove it.

Firefox will remember new form data when entered.

See also:

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Okay, one problem solved. Being on a Mac, I use shift delete and it removed what I highlighted.

Can you tell me if there is a way to move bookmarks up or down to arrange them in that list?

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No, the order is based on bonus points and visit count (frecency)

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As I was able to do it before I think I'll check into that further. One way to get around that is to take one that is too "frequent", delete it and then recreate it. It will go to the bottom of the list. Maybe I can do that with the ones I want to move around. In any case, once again, thanks for your time.

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