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Firefox 6 & 7.0.1 keeps freezing for 30 seconds

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Helly, my problem started with FF 6. It keeps freezing the whole browser after a few minutes. I think every 15 minutes it's freezing. Now I went to the helpforum and somebody gave the advice to deinstall FF. Run CC Cleaner. And then reinstall FF. I did that, and seems to work. It wasn't hanging anymore. BUT it came back!!! I don't have a clue why. I changed nothing to my pc. Now I have upgraded to 7.0.1 and the problem of freezing is still here. When it freezes, my whole pc freezes. I can do nothing else. please fix it!

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Firefox you have a problem, better fix this immediately!

1. disabled addons 2. safe mode 3. new profile 4. I refuse to beta test this and waste my time searching here for an answer.

Nothing fixes this. Task manager shows firefox at 99 percent usage during each episode. What in the hell is the firefox.exe doing?

This is ridiculous and I've just about had it for me and my clients.

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it is terrible. can't use new ff at all. i have no anti v or firewall and it is unusable.

cheers from chrome :)

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I've posted this in a few places. I've now found that I can reproduce the error in 7.0.1 by right-clicking an image, choosing "View Image", then when the image appears as the only item in the window, choose "View Image Info". Then it hangs for 30-60 seconds.

Not sure if this is the same issue as the random hang that also occurs, but it seems very similar.

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It's not the same issue. I have that right-click hanging too plus the reoccuring freezing of the browser which happens randomly. Does Firefox staff read this helpforum? It's been one day ago and already 56 people have the same problem...

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I have the same problem, on a mac. It seems to freeze up a lot for me when I resume from sleep mode, as well as sometimes when I open bookmark folders, type something in the address bar, or pretty much try to change tasks. Sometimes this happens, sometimes it does not. But it's really darn annoying.

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I too have this problem - this thread seems to promise a fix that others have used successfully toward the bottom:

I cannot verify because I just made the switch, but I wanted to get the info in other people's hands because of how frustrating I know this to be.

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Almost same here! Since latest FF 6 and now with the 7 versions: randomly FF is freezing for about 10 seconds or longer. In the window frame is states then that: "Firefox is not reacting anymore". And then by itself it's starting to work again. This happens randomly and can happen with going to new page, opening a tab, scrolling, and so on. It's only FF that is freezing, the rest of my PC is working just fine at that moment.

Windows 7 Prof 64bit SP1

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I was also having the same freezing/hanging problem (every 10-15 min) with v. 7.0.1 on my mac. I tried many of the fixes found on the support pages and NONE of them worked. My solution: I installed FIrefox version 8 Beta Release and it's working fine -- no more hanging/freezing ! -- FINGERS CROSSED  :) yay! so happy I'm back to Firefox, as I had also tried out chrome and safari.

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Using FF 7.0.1 w/intel iMac & OS 10.6.8. Having many probs w/eBay freezing but working fine w/ Safari! Always, have to force quit FF & try again. Sometimes it works & sometimes, not. Cleared History & cache & restarted, still an issue. How do I get rid of 7.0.1 & go back to 6? Thanks

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Come on Firefox please fix this! Everywhere people are posting about this problem. I'm a fan of FF yet still I'm going to have to change browsers if you don't get this sorted VERY soon. I have no interst in trying all sorts of fixes I just want to use FF for more than about 6 minutes without it sticking for 1 minute.

One Very frustrated user!

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The default of the pref network.http.max-connections has been increased from 30 to 256 in Firefox 6+ versions.
You can try to decrease the value of the pref network.http.max-connections from 255 to a more modest setting like 30 as used in Firefox 3 versions.

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Since upgrading to Windows 7 SP1 two weeks ago, my computer has been fcuked! FF hangs constantly. Last night I uninstalled FF and have been using IE9 without a problem. I suspect that Microsoft put a bug in SP1 to make FF useless. Too bad, because I beleive that FF was superior to IE9.

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Hi, right now I am typing this in IE!!! :(( All the freezing has gotten more worse now in FF, it's impossible for me to just work in FF for some minutes without freezing.

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Heh, I have this issue as well. It started in FF6, stuck around across all versions of 6, 7, and now 8 beta. Sometimes even just opening a tab, or closing a tab will cause FF to freeze for up to a minute at its worst.

Actually I'd say it's been getting progressively worse with each version Mozilla releases.

It's driving me insane!

I've Googled around extensively and tried everything suggested to others and nothing fixes the issue. I had since partially moved to Opera, but I'm not too keen on it. Also iRacing and Battlelog (for Battlefield 3) don't support it.

Really wish Mozilla would release some kind of 'hotfix' for this, or fix it in an update. It happened to both my housemates too, who have now reluctantly switched over to Chrome, even though they hate it.

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Same problem here. It usually occurs right after I launch FF for the first time of the day.

I'll use the application regularly for about 3-4 minutes, and then the freeze occurs. FF becomes unresponsive and clicking anywhere within the browser will cause the window to "grey out".

At the same time, my HD activity goes through the roof, making it difficult, if not impossible to get anything else done.

After about 30-45 seconds, FF un-freezes and I can get on with things.

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I might have discovered the solution without starting over with all your places and bookmarks.

Right after i installed 7.0.1 over a week ago,every 10-30 min When i would be watching videos online, it would freeze for 20-30 seconds. Firefox would say ( Not responding) both firefox and the plugin container process would be very large memory files. I tried to go back to Firefox 5.0. No avail it would still freeze.I tried to disable the plugin container . no good. I tried to adjust memory or cache or plugin settings in “about:config”.Nothing fixed it!

I finally discovered why my Firefox 7.01 was periodic hanging fix. It is something to do with some of your personal files. download this this add on and install it

or you can Google "places maintenance Firefox"

After you install the add on, restart Firefox.go to "tools", then "add ons" and then click “extensions” tab ,then click' options" on the "places maintenance" entry. choose "ALL' or just "expire" and hit "execute", then wait until its done., restart Firefox. should be fine then and all my bookmarks, customizations ,settings, and history stays untouched!

After i did this my Firefox did not freeze once for over 3 days straight. Might not work for everyone. I already read that Mozilla is aware of the problem and are working on a fix it in the full version of 8( the 8 beta did not fix the problem for me) . But they said this is a good temporary fix at least,( might be permanent)

For me at least ,Firefox works fine in 7 now. perfect actually.And many people i saw on similar forums had similar problems.

Enjoy. Hope this helped

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Hi folks.

I've just found this:

Check the "hang at any time" section.

I also had the 30-second freeze every 10 minutes or so. I've applied the suggested solution, and so far it's been a couple of hours since I've been using FF (7.0.1) without any issue. Fingers crossed!!!

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I've found a great work around .. I've had so many FireFox issues over the last few months,

  • continuous upgrades
  • de-supported functionality (Remote XUL so I cant even get into my web mail)
  • so many crashes

.. The list goes on

This hanging every few minutes (for about 30 seconds) has been winding me up. However, the work around I've found is:

go to control panel> un-install FireFox >>download and install chrome|

Seems to work fine now

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There is a workaround for "Remote XUL"


Google Chrome updates regularly as well, especial if the Flash plugin that is part of the GC package needs an update. Firefox at least has minor updates that aren't large. Many crashes are caused by extensions or add-ons from security software or malware. Once that software starts supporting Google Chrome then the same can happen there.

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I think this has to do with the plugin container; that is most likely what is hanging. I am currently testing something out right now. I don't want to put up what i am doing encase it fails, but so far my results look promising. I usually have a crash about once a day with streaming video/flash video related content. Nothing related to disabling hardware acceleration solves the issue btw.

I have been a day without crashes doing nothing different than i normally have. I am currently running the latest version of flash from Adobe's website, and it DOES NOT appear to be a flash issue SO FAR.

I like Firefox, however, in light of their rapid updates, i think they are not thoroughly testing things out, resulting in too many bugs and complaints. Mozilla needs to slow their roll and spend time testing this stuff out and stop producing crap trying to compete with Google Chrome who is like on something like version 13 after 3 years; kinda lame if you ask me. If they want to do this rapid deployment then i think 2 versions per year is much better than 3 or 4.

Mozilla needs to rethink their approach in development and testing of their products, which is what made them slaughter IE, but with these types of problems and failures people are going to be switching to Chrome. I almost did until I had to think a little outside the box on what i am currently working on

Next year will Firefox be on version 20?

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