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cannot connect to addons.mozilla.org or services.addons.mozilla.org


Since the update to Firefox 7 I cannot connect to the sites addons.mozilla.org (IP: and services.addons.mozilla.org (IP: When I try to surf directly to this sites I only get a blank page. When I use the website IXQUICK.NL I can surf to this sites but only via the proxy button. According to WEBSITEDOWN.INFO: addons.mozilla.org is down (but sometimes up); services.addons.mozilla.org is down (always). According to WEBSITENOTWORKING.COM: addons.mozilla.org is up (always); services.addons.mozilla.org is down (always). I get this results with OpenSuseLinux 11.4, browsers firefox 7 and konqueror 4.6.0; Windows 7, browsers firefox 7.01 and Internet Explorer 9. Turning all the firefox addons off did not solve the problem. I tried changing DNS router settings, no luck either. Turning off encryption ssl 3.0 and tls 1.0 did not help. I do not have problems with other websites. Is there a solution for this problem?

Hi everybody,

I could not solve the problem but I did find this thread:


This thread suggests that the problem is caused by the ISP. I was planning to call my ISP, but to my surprise I discovered today that my connection problem is over. Under Windows 7 and under OpenSuseLinux 11.4 the addons.mozilla.org website works perfect now. I myself did nothing to solve this problem, but I did today receive a router firmware update from my ISP.

Therefore, I do believe that I was unable to connect with addons.mozilla.org because of an ISP problem.

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see this also

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Thanks for the reply. I hope this thread helps others with similar very annoying connection problems. I am glad it is solved.