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After a security update I can't use icons on the bank website

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The institution says they have some Firefox users as of last night cannot use the icons to gain access to accounts

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You mention are the comments on a publicly accessible part of the site, if so can you give a link.

Are you able to give more informaton, I am not sure I understand what is meant by Firefox users as of last night cannot use the icons to gain access to accounts.

Are you a user and having problems yourself, what exactly happens or does not happen ?

It may be very important to know the exact version of firefox being used, there is a possibility some security fixes made recently may be affecting this site only if insecure versions of firefox are used. (or more worryingly only insecure versions can access the site). To complicate matters there was a [Add-ons hidden after updating to Firefox 7 problem] with the update from firefox 6 to 7, and a version 7.1 will be or has already been released. (I am not using Firefox 7 at the moment)

Your system details indicate you are using Firefox 7.0, please try and access the site again. and also state what version you are currently using (as shown from the help menu or troubleshooting option) and wheter this is currently up to date.

It is worth checking and updating plugins and any extensions it may affect firefox, and for instance outdated FlashPlayer may have security implications

(But right now that may be hit by the update problem, try to update to firefox 7.1 first)
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Thanks for replying.

Once logged in to the bank's website, three icons are normally clicked to allow me to make transfers etc.

As of last night, when I click on these icons nothing happens - the banks says there has been a recent Firefox update and they have several users with the same problem, but they said I had to change something on my end (I use a Mac).

My Firefox is 7.0.

I have checked Cookies, Java Script - all seems OK.

That's about the extent of my knowledge!

What to do you think might have changed?


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I was wondering whether you were even able to log in, and also considered tethe possibility that the site used some sort of toolbar or other firefox extension.

Can you provide a copy of the advice the bank is providing (redact any personal info) and what it is they say you need to change.

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The bank was basically useless - they knew nothing.

I have been logging in and using daily 20 times for years.

There is a log in and password - that works fine.

Then to actually move any money, there are three icons to go to that stage - which are now lifeless!

Even in the troubleshooting, the first thing they told was to hear for "Options" under "Tools" - when I told them I didn't have "Options" under "Tools" that was the extent of their "support!"


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A copy of the advice would be useful.

The advice they are giving possibly relates to the menus as seen by users of a PC rather than a Mac. So I think instead of

  • Tools->Options
  • it is Firefox meuu -> Preferences

Look at

Without seeing the instructions I do not know what they ask you to do next.

An obvious action is to ensure that Javascript is enabled. Note an easy test to check you have javascript is to type a reply to a message in this forum. If yo see the formatting options and icons above where you type [B] , [i] ,|link|, then numbers and bullets it confirms javascript is enabled. If you do not see those then do not expect icons on the banking site to work.

Another posibility is some security software, adware blocker or something needs reseting and is affecting the site.

If you are unable to find and follow the instructions I would suggest trying the following:

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Thanks again.

I have the icons above (B, i etc) so all good.

Javascript enabled.

Running in safe mode - still no good. But they keep telling me it's not their end.

I'm not sure how to disable plug-ins or what that may affect - but after that I'm at a loss!


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If you temporarily disable plugins it is easy and quick to re-enable them What it affects depends on what the plugins enable you to do or use, looking at your list mainly paying video or other media.

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Disabled plug ins - still doesn't work.

Might be time to change banks!

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Or use another browser whilst banking, and keep firefox as the default browser. It may help if you are able to copy the error message and instructions that you are getting from the banking site.

I wonder if anyone else has problems with this site when using firefox ?
( or conversely can confirm the site works ok ? )

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I don't get any message at all - the icons come up in a 3 x 3 and they don't respond.

The bank has said other Firefox (some) users had problems also after a security update Wed/Thurs.

I have tried Firefox on someone's PC it works - yet I tried IE on mine and couldn't even log in.

I'm stumped!


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I have this problem too. The icons are a 3x3 matrix that is a picture, with active spots overlayed (usually). Since the update, the active spots are gone, it's just a picture of the icons. I have updated all java, flash etc using the 'check if my plugins are up to date' tool to no avail.

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robbie_d probably best to start your own thread by asking your own question, if it is the same bank, ( you could also post a link in this thread to your new thread.

It would appear this only affects some firefox users, we need full details of the users system, and firefox setup, also what security software may be involved.

It appears the bank may be issuing advice about this problem, it would be useful to have copies of that advice. I did notice a comment

-> Register your Factor2 Personal Icons for added security
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I've done all that too and the credit union (who are useless in the tech dept) have nothing to offer except "we're working on it."

I haven't been able to see where deposits come from for 8 months - they're "working on that" too.

Really end up with no choice but to leave, which is a pain as I run a couple of businesses.

Hopefully they might work it out soon.


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The bank hasn't issued any advice at all - other than the java, cookies etc.

All they can say is they're "working on it."

My system is Firefox 7.

I can access the icons on another PC I borrowed with Firefox 3.6.

Yet I can't even get into the site with Internet Explorer, which they suggested I use.

Time to switch banks - deposit information doesn't show up for the past 8 months too.

I think they are just hopeless in the tech dept.


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Hi John, I did start my own question, but it was locked with no replies, no reason given. I added the code used to display the icons, they look like a 3x3 picture of icons, but are active spots.

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Looks like we did everything right our end - the credit union appears to have finally fixed THIS problem - now for their others.

Thanks for all the help - much appreciated.


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It was presumably thought that you had inadvertently duplicated a question when you started thread: /questions/884430

From what has been said it appears some users have a problem some do not. If the problem relates to registering the banks security icons it may need more information from the Bank about what the problem is. You may find one of the Mozillazine forums interested in the problem: