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Something called Autocomplete Pro/Search Completion has installed itself on my firefox browser, how do I delete it so it goes back to Google?

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as above - here is a link -

I have changed my homepage back to google, but whenever i search through the main navigation bar, search completion is the default search tool and its terrible.

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Hi - I have this issue too. I've tried scanning for malware using Malawarebytes and Spybot S & D, but nothing found.

So I decided to block the site by adding it to the Windows hosts file. You should probably only do this if you feel comfortable with these steps, but it's not hard. The hosts file is a place that Windows always looks to connect IP addresses to web sites. But it can also block sites, Here's how...

Open your hosts file. In Windows XP it's here:


Other operating systems use different locations - just google for them. And the file name is "hosts" with no extension. Open the hosts file in any text editor, and add these lines: # malware # malware # malware

Remove spaces between lines (I can't get this topic editor to do that). The spacing isn't important and the # indicates comments. This will make any request for searchcompletion fail. The IP always means "oneself" - it'll never get through, because the request will always "bounce back".

Seems to work fine. Hope it helps!

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An update ...

It seems is connected in some way with (it's a web site gadget host I think), so I added and just as above.

Again, so far good. I suppose there may be problems if we land on web sites using widdit legitimately, and our actions here block it. One step at a time! Fortunately, these hosts file edits are very simple to undo.

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It is attached to an add on. I deleted 2 add ons I didnt use but I cant remember what they were and restarted firefox. I suggest check your add ons and delete re-add to find out which one it is.

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I ran into this problem to, and as previously reported I think that this is related to an add on. The only add on I use is freecorder and download healer. But there were to other add ons I have no clue how they got here. One was startnow tool bar (V2.3.0) and a Kaspersky advisor (v9.1.0.124) I disabled both of these programs and I have not seen the problem again.

Like other posters I to ran into pop ups for no reason, and this was despite me having kaspersky.

Try removing your add ons one-by-one to see what one is causing the problem.

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I was having a hard time with that so called program "Autocomplete Pro" But like the replies above in my case its was attached to an add on too. So I removed an add on called "Google+ Manager", restart FF and it was done. A friend of mine had in on the add on "Google plus Search Plugin". I guess it can be attached to your browser in several ways. So try with the ones that aren't obviously usable.

Hope It helps

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this was really annoying but I think I figured it out. someone might have posted this already but anyway, just go to "tools" menu, then click on "add ons". choose the "extension" option, and disable any add on that you previously added or don't use. worked for me so far.

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My own experience with the Widdit browser tool has been pretty good. it's just an add-on tool that makes my Internet use much better.

I can tell you from personal experience it is definitely not a virus. It's pretty easy to install and removing it just about as easy as installing it. you just have to go to this link:

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