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Equivalent of greprefs/all.js in Firefox 6.0


In earlier version (3.x) of Firefox, there used to be all.js file in greprefs folder. This file used to control many-many options for Firefox.

I do not see the same in latest version (6.0).

What is the equivalent file in version 6.0 of Firefox?

Chosen solution

It is now greprefs.js in omni.jar

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Chosen Solution

It is now greprefs.js in omni.jar


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Thanks cor-el. That was very helpful.

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You're welcome

rbrehl 0 solutions 1 answers

Initially I posted a question about how to edit this file now that it's contained in a .jar archive. I figured it out and it appears to work, so I'm posting in case anyone else has the same problem: 1 - Open the Firefox package (right click, show package contents) and find the omni.jar file. 2 - Right click it and open it with Archive Utility to extract it. 3 - Rename the original omni.jar file so you have a backup - I called mine OLDomni.jar. 4 - Make your mods to greprefs.js 5 - Finally, to recreate the omin.jar archive from your unarchived omni folder containing your modded greprefs.js, do NOT select the omni folder and compress it. Rather, open the omni folder, and select all contents. Then right-click and archive. Finally, rename the resulting Archive.zip folder to omni.jar, and move it out of the folder into the "Contents/MacOS" directory where it belongs.

This worked for me.

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Hi rbrehl,

Thanks for the steps.

It would be better if you create a jar using Java SDK instead of creating a zip and renaming it to .jar