posted by MEOR 6 years ago
How do I "add another email address" to FireFox Sync

Please know I am a 65yr old female neophyte. I am lucky I can follow directions and try to find answers on Firefox, which I love to try to use. Please excuse these questions -- A PhD in personnel/ administration is not an indicator of how ignorant I am in FireFox and computers." Let me say what I think I did: I thought it was a very neat idea to guard the names and passwords I use all over the Internet ... So I think I followed all the directions to store my passwords in the encoded "vault" - looked at the list of sites, names, passwords, and eliminated/ deleted wrong combinations on the list. carefully copied the sync key. Then came the Problem: it asked me for an email name and the password for it. So... I gave it I cannot find how to add into the "Firefox sync" the other email names and passwords? Some are on Yahoo, some on AOL, one on "live" and sites such as Facebook with its passwords

"One of the biggest reasons for using "Firefox Sync", was to quit having to get a new password every time I signed in to emails or AOL or Facebook.

Then came another 3 problems from that: Can I still use the other emails ... how???? Can I still use the emails on another computer and access Facebook on another computer, and go surfing on the Internet, assuming I have the passwords written down and with me? Help

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