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I lost my bookmarks and I am unable to save any new ones.


I re-installed FF3.6 and lost my bookmarks. I also cannot add any new bookmarks I did this 4 times and gave up and I unfortunately deleted my default user files so I cannot restore from the automatic bookmark backups. I had backed up my bookmarks to a flash drive. The bookmarks are all there and in HTLM form. I tried to restore from this backup but can't do it. I know I have made a mess but I was thoroughly pissed off. I had also tried to come here but my password could never be changed so I couldn't ask a question. It was finally changed an hour ago. If someone has any suggestions I would be grateful. I had tried FFv4 bur Roboform does not work there and I am not going to start paying them $20/year just because they won't update their plug-in. Thank you very much for any help. Joanne Run Windows 7 home premium 64bit

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A possible cause is a problem with the file places.sqlite that stores the bookmarks and the history.

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Thank you for answering. I think I have the log in problem fixed at least for today. I have tried to import a copy of my bookmarks from a flash drive but it won't work. I think I have to make a new profile. When I looked at the old profile there weren't any bookmarks in the folder. If I do start a new profile would I be able to import my html copy of bookmarks? I am getting so frustrated and having to use IE doesn't help matters. I know the support for FF 3.6 is short lived but roboform will not work in FF 4 and I haven't tried FF5 but I assume it would be the same. They just want to make the older versions a thing of the past so they can charge the $20/mo. and I don't want to do that. But I may be forced to. I could change to another like LastPass but I don't really know anything about that one. I really need a password manager for my iphone. Sorry if I have asked about more than one problem but I really want to keep using FF. Thanks for any help. Joanne '

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Did you try to delete places.sqlite in the current profile folder and then import the HTML backup?

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I am so sorry I haven't replied, but I just found your reply. I went back to FF 3.6 and was able to get my bookmarks back. I know I need to update FF but I had so many problems with version 4 I think. Is the next version 5? Is Roboform working in this version? I don't know why they are making this so hard to do except of course the money. I am satisfied with 3.6 so I think I will stay here. Or is there a guide to update to a later version in FF? It has been so long since I have tried, it may be worth my while to try another update. Any help is appreciated and/or sites to visit. THank yu so very much for your help. Joanne