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how can i use firefox on my new HP Touchpad?


I am a longtime Mozilla fan-i I even have the T-shirt-How can i use Firefox on my HP Touchpad? When i try to download it I get the message "does not support MIME format". Rich Fuchs, rfuchs@futureworks.ca

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That is a WebOS device, Firefox mobile runs on Android 2.1+ devices with ARMv7 CPU support.

There was a build of Firefox for the Palm Pre, also a WebOS device, called Prefox but the main developer has moved to different projects.

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Too bad. We have both the Palm Pre and now the HP TouchPad. The WebOS is very simple and functional. Thanks for taking the time to consider my request for assistance in this.

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Please have the super nice person back on Prefox Mobile for HP WEBOS.

FIREFOX is safer and I live off Firefox. Do you know how many HP TOUCH PADS are out there now since they dropped the price. Matter of time before WEBOS takes over, like FIREFOX has done. ;] PLEASE!

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The price was dropped because HP is discontinuing the WebOS Touchpad, as HP did after they bought Palm. Very little chance that OS will be alive in the future, unless HP sells it or donates it to an open source home. Time to write an obituary.

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To the last comment... Rubbish!

webOS rocks!

... and HP just stopped making the hardware, not development of webOS.

Sooner or later, some enlightened hardware manufacturer will see its real potential, even if some misguided people within HP lost the plot :(

PS: HP just released webOS 3.0.4 :)

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