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How can I update to ver 4.0.1 ? (I am using Windows XP home sp3)

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I have a very bad virus, which cancelled my long explanation when I tried to copy and paste from Help>Troubleshooting information. I do not feel like writing everything for the second time, and I apologize for this. I am almost sure that I will lose my long struggle with this virus, and, for reasons that would take too much time to explain, I am obliged to try everything, possible and impossible, before formatting the hard disks. And this not for damages to me, but for damages to a number of my ex-colleagues (I retired on November 1, 2010). Thank you very much for your patience and best regards to you all. Mario Manassero.
P.S. The behaviour of this so-called bad virus is such, that I am bound to suspect that there is no virus, but a pool of hackers.

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If you were able to get Help>Troubleshooting Information from Firefox, you don't have the old Firefox installed as indicated by your UserAgent. That feature wasn't added until the Firefox 3.6 version.

That said, Firefox 4.0.1 isn't supported since Firefox 5.0 was released two weeks ago. Firefox 5.0 was a security update for 4.0.1. Firefox 3.6.18 received the same security patches as 5.0 have, so 3.6.18 and 5.0 are the only versions that Mozilla currently supports. Mozilla has never done that before, but there have been other strange things done since Jan 1 of this year.
Firefox 5.0 is available here:
Firefox 3.6.18 is available here:

I can't see any reason to install 3.6.18, because that is what you probably have installed already. But you need to fix your User Agent string, if my assessment is correct.

Your UserAgent string in Firefox is probably messed up by another program that you installed, and the addons website doesn't know you are running Firefox.

type about:config in the URL bar and hit Enter
If you see the warning, you can confirm that you want to access that page.
Filter = general.useragent.
Right-click the preferences that are bold, one line at a time, and select Reset.
Then restart Firefox

Then either install Firefox 5.0 or stick with 3.6.18.

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Thank you very much. I am posting this reply from the PC of my wife. Italian newspapers have reported, this morning, that a group of about 400 hackers, who name themselves "Anonymous Italia", is at work approximately since January. They have apported bad damages to many sites in Italy, both Public Sites, and Industrial Sites. Five of them have been arrested to-night, the first in Switzerland. But the other ones are still active. I cannot imagine why they may have fixed their attention to my PC. I am simply an ex-University Professor, with no extra-work interest (I mean political or something like that). Of course I do have many hobbies. I retired on November 1, 2010. And, while against a virus I can try to struggle, against a pool of hackers I surely can not. I thank you very much for your kind reply, and I simply hope that the hackers will stop disturbing me without having apported destructive damages to my PC. Actually, they can do anything. Thank you very much again, and best regards. Mario Manassero

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In all honesty, if you are concerned that someone is hacking you and they are going to do serious damage, disconnect from the internet. If you want an extra level of security beyond that, turn off your computer. They will give up eventually if they find they are trying to attack something that isn't there.

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You are right, and I have already kept the PC switched off, an disconnected from the electrical line, for two or three days, but I was not sure to be hacked. Now that I am sure, I will certainly do what you are suggesting,

Thank you very much again.


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Exactly what Raine said. Your case may or may not be about being hacked. Since you haven't described much of your symptoms.

Getting back to your original question here's the update link for Firefox 4.0.1:

The latest Firefox out now is Firefox 5:

Also it's possible that some malware got onto your system because you were browsing the internet with Firefox In that case I recommend you install Malwarebytes Anti-malware Free and run a scan.

Also update your Adobe Flash to the latest version using:

And update your Java (you have Java version 6 Update 12, the latest is Java 6 Update 26):

I'm posting this in case you decide to reuse your computer one day. And if you really do believe you have been hacked then it's best you change your passwords to important sites from a computer at the library or your wife's computer.

Also people can become paranoid and may never have been hacked at all. But instead just had a virus or trojan installed that is doing actions it was designed to do. Most viruses can be removed with an anti-virus. I'm not sure which is the best but one is Avast! Free Antivirus from

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