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What is the hotkey to close the Find bar?


After I use Find (Control-F) and move the text cursor to elsewhere, the only direct way I know to get rid of the Find bar that pops up at the bottom is to click the "x" on it. I would prefer to use a hotkey; but I cannot find one for that. ESC works if the text input cursor is still in the Find window. Thus you can do it when the cursor is not there to start with by hitting Control-F first; but that is non-intuitive and slightly more cumbersome than a direct hotkey. There are hotkeys for lots of things (including many redundant ones), so this would appear to be an oversight. Hopefully, it is myself who is doing the overlooking.

(Why doesn't the spell-checker like "hotkey", a word that occurs frequently on the Mozilla Web pages? Surely it has made its way into the vernacular by now.)

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What is the hotkey to close the Find bar?

Use the "Esc" key, as long as the cursor is still in the find area; otherwise, use the "x" on the Find as you have been doing.

Spell-checking on "hotkey" right-click on the marked word and use "Add to dictionary".

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Question owner

Well, I appreciate the response, but I cannot click the "Solved It" button because it appears that there is no such hotkey. If I had asked, "Is there such a hotkey?", then I could say that dmcritchie had resolved the question in the negative. But I will say that, though there is no single hotkey, the 2-key hotkey sequence <Ctrl-F ESC> does it, and we will regard it as my 'solution'. (But I already knew that!)

(Thanks for the tip on "Add to dictionary". I did not know about the suggested correct spellings either.)

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David McRitchie 321 solutions 3089 answers

For a single hot key Esc is actually a single key.

Use the "Esc" key, as long as the cursor is still in the find area; otherwise, use the "x" on the Find as you have been doing.

Sorry see now that you already had that in your original question.

Opera did away with their single key hotkeys after Opera 9.2, I don't know that any other browser that had them.


Question owner

You write, "For a single hot key Esc is actually a single key. " That's true, but it does not work unless the cursor is in the Find text field. I was explicitly seeking a hotkey that would work when the cursor was not there. Based on what else you have said, there is not one. My question admits no answer - aside from the 2-key sequence I mentioned. I must confess that it is no big deal. I would click the "Solved It" button if there were one beside the last message I posted. If you want to echo that 'solution' back, I will click the button.

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Question owner

Based on the feature list, the Find Toolbar Tweaks addon looked very good to me. Unfortunately, it does not work at all for me. When enabled, it prevents Control-F from doing anything at all, and there is no mention of any other key to activate the Find toolbar. The sad thing is that now I wish I had all those features, which go well beyond the trivial issue I was worrying about.