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How do you uninstall play pickle text links extension?


Wife downloaded play pickle which gave the computer a bunch of spyware and adware. It also added an extension called play pickle text links to firefox. I can disable this extension but when I try to uninstall it won't. How can I get rid of play pickle?

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david1383 0 solutions 1 answers


Type or copy and paste this into address bar. Near top of the screen it will read "To remove PlayPickle please follow the simple instructions below, or click here." Save yourself time, if it were as easy as unistalling like a standard program we wouldn't be on this page. Just click the link. You will download the "play pickle uninstaller". Problem solved.

Question owner

Thanks, I may try that out after I get my new computer later this week and hand down the old computer to the kids. Sorry if I am a bit skeptical that playpickle will actually remove itself from my browser after it has shadily installed un-related adware that is a pain to manually remove.

LittleFreedom 0 solutions 1 answers

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Go to Tools > Add Ons > Extensions - and you can disable Pickle Text Links there! Whew! I don't know how to get off of my computer completely though. At least the links are disabled!

MikeTucker 0 solutions 1 answers

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The question is not about uninstalling Playpickle, but the Playpickle Textlinks extension/add on in Firefox. This add on can be disabled, but when you attempt to uninstall it, you restart Firefox and it is enabled again. It will not uninstall...

This question was added over a month ago and Mozilla has still not given us a solution, or at least stopped and banned the %$@$@#! Playpickle from their junk spyware add ons... Maybe it is time to switch to Chrome.

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tesla1876 0 solutions 1 answers

I went to the pickle player website, and it said to remove the player from the ad/remove programs section of the control panel.

start > control panel > ad/remove programs

search for the pickle player and hit the remove button. Should solve the problem!!

Because this is an actual program, the "remove" feature in Firefox does not work. That feature can only remove addons from Firefox.

rcmdy 0 solutions 2 answers

This is a nefarious program that will undermine Fire Fox's credibility for honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct if it fails to resolve this issue FAST, and address the deceitful practices this company exists on. Troubles with this program spring up the moment you try an uninstall only to find no "remove" icon in Add-On manager, unlike all other listed programs. Next, is the program's absence in add/remove program section of Control Panel, DESPITE THE BLATANT ATTEMPT BY THE COMPANY TO FEIGN INNOCENCE BY STEERING USERS, COMPLETE WITH "INSTRUCTIONS" TO THAT VERY LOCATION. It gets worse. Repeated attempts to contact company via customer service line results in a phone que with 2 options 1-UNINSTALL help & 2 OTHER?'s. After a recording stating the position caller is in on the que (I had a #2, then a couple of #1's) the line, never answered as promised, despite wasting caller's time holding, goes right to a voice mail. Abominable.

Crooks are afraid of one thing only-VISIBILITY.  

Those of us who were suckered into this scam can PUT THE PRESSURE ON. Get this on the web and bring these creeps down. Flood these guy's contacts w/ phone calls and e-mail. Let's hold these types of bad guys accountable for getting their hooks into our valuable systems! They are: The owner of the copywrite:

Keith T. Vogt

Play Turtle LLC 1844 N. Nob Hill Rd. #137 Plantation, FL 33322 By email: nobhill137@yahoo.com ph-954-272-8933 (VM & FAX) support@playpickle.com

crmcdaniel 0 solutions 1 answers

DO NOT use the link to deactivate Play Pickle. It is a lying, scamming website. Will completely delete every program from your computer!!!!!!!!! They say on the site that they don't have spyware, etc..........but it's all a bunch of lies!!!!!! Getting rid of Firefox for supporting such a page.

sdkvnfweklfdsfsd 1 solutions 6 answers

I FINALLY got the text link extension removed! I had already removed the program by using ad/remove program under the control panel. I had the issue of Firefox not allowing me to remove the extension. I went to http://playpickle.com/advertising/ and clicked on "You can uninstall Play Pickle anytime by clicking here." It removed the stupid extension. SWEET!

Alaskan 0 solutions 1 answers

'The uninstall link is in the FINE PRINT' at the link seen in the post above