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Firefox loses focus from input after window loses focus

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Got small technical question. Consider the following simple example html: <input type="text" onchange="alert('changed')" ondblclick="'')" name="foo">

I've encountered small yet annoying behavior glitch in Firefox. As we know, when I enter something into text input then when I'm moving off from that input (click somewhere or hit tab etc) the onchange event fires (which is expected and wanted behavior). Now what annoys me is that when I'm on that input and lose focus of that window (change task or double click on my example case, which opens new window) then Firefox loses focus from that input where other major browsers (IE, Chrome) will just lose the focus of current window and when I get back then the input is still in focus. In other words Firefox fires onchange event when window loses focus where other browsers don't (as focus is not lost). As I'm running specific web application this behavior messes up my apps logic. I think this glitch has been there since day one (and IE and chrome act differently also from day one). Perhaps this can be fixed? Not expecting or hoping for anything but in version 8 perhaps :)