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Since I updated to Firefox 5, my computer freezes all the time. Can I get Firefox 4 again? Everywhere I see a download for 4 it is actually 5. Also if I can't have my Google tool bar, I don't want Firefox at all.

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Since I updated to Firefox 5, my computer freezes all the time. Can I get Firefox 4 again? Everywhere I see a download for 4 it is actually 5. Also if I can't have my Google tool bar, I don't want Firefox at all.

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If 5.0 was so good, why is there now a 5.0.1? I experienced all the problems with 5 the others did. I don't remember if someone reported that when one tried to End Process to shut down a stalled FF5, it didn't shut down. The only way to get it out of a freeze or nonstop "Loading..." was to shut the machine down via Restart.

I tried running it in FF Safe Mode. Still crap.

I tried removing my add-ons. Still crap.

I tried installing 3.5.2 over 5, and experienced the same problems.

(Sorry, but I didn't like FF4 either.)

Since I do a lot of research and emergency response functions on the web, restarting my computer dozens of times a day, and/or losing the productivity enhancements afforded by the add-ons just to try to keep using 5 ain't gonna happen.

I will try to find and download 3.6 and use that until 5 gets its act together, with all my add-ins.

As someone else said, FF has been largely disappointing since 3. You need to beta test new versions far more rigorously than apparently has been done, and wait until these types of problems are corrected before releasing them on a (now formerly) trusting public. Most of us out here are not geeks who know or want to attempt fiddling around with about:config, etc. to try to get things to work. I appreciate that FF is free, which is why I support Mozilla through donations. But if we wanted to use crap, we'd use IE! (Oops! Did I say that out loud?)

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@melissk, it's easy to get 3.6.

3.5.x apparently isn't compatible with the Firefox 4+ profile, so that could explain why that downgrade didn't go well. You may want to create a new profile and then reinstall and then migrate bookmarks, passwords, etc..

Apologies for the length of what follows, but it's not too technical, I promise.

I assume you have a backup of your profile. If not, see Backing up your information. (You can copy your entire Firefox profile folder somewhere outside of the Mozilla folder.)

To create a new profile, close Firefox and then start up using:

(WinXP) Start button > Run > firefox.exe /ProfileManager

(Win7) Windows orb > Search box > firefox.exe /ProfileManager

Create a new profile and start it up. This will make it the new default profile. Download the Firefox 3.6 installer from

Close Firefox and run the installer.

Start up Firefox 3.6. Assuming stability in your blank profile, see Recovering important data from an old profile.

Hope this helps.


If 5.0 was so good, why is there now a 5.0.1?

It fixes some crashiness on MacOSX. See

Modified by jscher2000

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Good on you mate! I followed your bold entry to the brave new world and after downloading version 3.6.18 from that 'oldversions' site, I installed it over the Firefox 5 version. I have now got my life back! Word of friendly warning to the rest though, DO backup your profile and settings by methods as suggested elsewhere. Though I did not need to restore it back because 3.6.18 is working very well, you never know. Kind regards

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Going back to verion3.6 also. 5 is just not workable. The fact that so many people are having the same trouble should be a clue! Instead of instructing people go through a complicated process every time for a recurring problem. Maybe you folks should try to figure out what is causing the problem and fix it.

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I totally agree, FF5 is a piece of S&%t. I have had constant freezing since upgrading from FF4. Why don't you developers acknowledge there is something wrong with this version, instead of making everyone do workarounds which still don't fix things. OK it is fine to try and protect market share and brand, but at what expense - a totally peed off base of user clientel, who WILL revert back to one of the other browsers PERMANTLEY unless something is done pronto. 1000's can't be wrong here - listen and heed the bayings!

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The developers are working off a database of bugs; your problem either is in there already, or needs to be added, or is due to settings/add-ons. That's why the first step is to rule out a problem with settings and add-ons using Safe Mode and/or a new profile.

Modified by jscher2000

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I found a solution for my case. it was the cache. somewhere between the updates the cache had changed to automatic cache and I had no less than 7 gb cache. I reduced it to a fixed value (settings>advanced>network>offline storage>override automatic cache) and then set firefox to clear cache on browser exit (settings>privacy settings>use custom settings for history>clear history when firefox closes>settings>tick cache box only), then ok and that's it. it may take up to 30 minutes to clear a big cache like mine the first time firefox exits. since then no freeze any more. hope it helps,

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It's not always Firefox 5's problem; try clearing your history/cache and see if it helps. you might also want to create a new firefox profile and transfer all your data from the old to the new. See Backing up your information BEFORE TAMPERING WITH PROFILES.

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I had the same problem with FF5. Updating to FF6 did not help. It is still freezing every 2-3 minutes for 10-15 seconds. I have disabled ALL add-ons and ALL extensions. It did not help. I have purged cache, history and anything else FF saves in profile. Nothing. I have reinstalled FF many times. No chance.

I need a browser to work, not for fun. However, Firefox makes it impossible to work efficiently for me. Today I have imported all my favorites and settings to Chrome and set Chrome as default browser.

Bye, Firefox! It was a nice time with you in the last years. But it became a pain. I was very patient and had waited for new versions in the hope some day it would solve my issues. But now, it is time to say good-bye!

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where can i get mozilla Firefox 3.6.18? my ff4 was crushed and I don't the updates of the new version of ff.. Im going back to mozilla Firefox 3.6.18 but where can i find it?.. thank you

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