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New update to Firefox 5 makes Flash crash all the time!

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Firefox 5 updated for me last night (23 June 2011), and since then I am getting continual problems with Flash crashing out on almost every page it's on. I have checked for futher updates for both Firefox and Flash, but there are none.

It was fine until the update, doesn't anyone test updates before releasing them any more? If I wanted my browser to run slowly and crash all the time, I would have stuck with IE9!

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I had the problem for several days too - but simply restarting the computer fixed it.

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I know this isnt helpful as a solution but i want to make a comment to neilab about that fix because it was only temporary for me. About a week ago I rolled back to firefox 4 and restarted and it worked again. Now FF4 upgraded to FF5 again without asking and i have the problem again. it wont seem to go away this time by a simple restart either. Any ideas?

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Just registered to see if I can get an answer to the crashes that happen several annoying times per day with FF5. I am ready to go hunting for another browser soon. Hope it gets fixed very soon.

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Thank god, I thought I was the only one! This is driving me freaking NUTS! Every. Single. Solitary. Time I visit YouTube or any site with flash video this happens.

And when it does work, the player really truly sucks. The frame rate is horrible, there's extensive "tearing," and square chunks of the video don't get drawn properly.

Come on Mozilla! Don't make me switch to Chrome!

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This just happened to me less than 2 hours ago and is still going on. I have Chrome also on my comp so I will live but I use a Greasemonkey script for youtube that I must have. Please Mozilla please fix it!!!

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I just found out this was my fault I needed to reset settings and use safe mode so I turned OFF all extensions and forgot they were off. Check yours and see if they're on

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Do you happen to have unity web player installed ? Because I think for me the crashes started shortly after I installed it

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I had to go to ie in order to check my mail in order to verify address. Guess I am gonna stick to ie as trying to find help to run flash on firefox is like spinning my wheels. Adobe says its a firefox problem, firefox refers back to adobe. Hope I get used to ie quickly after using fire for the past 6 or 7 years.

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I was having this problem (Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, Firefox 5, Flash Player Since upgrading to FF5, any visit to any site with a Flash video would result in Firefox locking up in a way that it couldn't be killed followed by my whole computer locking up. A forced shutdown was required to recover.

Setting dom.ipc.plugins.timeoutSecs to -1 in about:config fixed the problem for me.

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I have been trying everything. I use registry cleaners, IE, FF4 and now 5, and Chrome. The only one that I may say it can work is IE. I use FF for some purposes, Chrome for others and IE for the main thing. I wonder what kind of add-on is this that nobody else cares about geting something new, really new. New and effectve. Today I followed some suggestions that I found here and gess what. It is worse! The 3 registry cleaners say 0 errors!!! But the browsers do not work properly either on Youtube or on facebook games. All other programs run smothly on my pc. This sh*tt stinks. I am keeping my IE, after all!

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I'm having this problem too, started around some version 4 minor, up untill now. After every single update to Firefox ( and those are a lot ), Flash freezes.

Please note this is NOT a Firefox bug. It is a problem with Flash which they are not able to fix. It goes even this far that the Firefox team decided to run plugins in a separate plugin container so at least your browser doesnt crash. ( see also: )

Of course it's just ridiculous that Macromedia won't fix this issue so other developers of completely separate software have to resort to these kind of measures just too keep the error reporst low.

Another problem is that Flash won't use the proper update feature of Firefox ( thus auto-updating after every new version of Firefox ) but instead keep using stand-alone updates.

The only thing you can do is after every update to Firefox, go to add-ons, check for updates and update Flash manually. There is sometimes a couple of days between a FF update and a Flash update.

Best thing should be to ditch Flash altogether, but unfortunately too many sites and CMSes rely on Flash being installed :(