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Hello- I would like to have new pages open in a separate tab automatically...(i.e., Google--- Google listing---click on listing-----auto open new tab and put the page of the google listing that I selected, on the new tab. Thanks. RMartinez


Hello again- Here is my scenario- I am browsing, and let's say, I'm on Google. I look up "albatross novels." I get 6 hits. I look at the list, and I pick one of them. I double-click on it, and away we go. My current Google search page is REPLACED by the selected "albatross" site. But it's not exactly what I want. So now I click the BACK ARROW to go back to the Google page, to look at the other 'albatross" hits. And now I find another site, replacing my Google page when I open it......And THAT site takes me to another site, and another, and yet another......But then I realize that the first site WAS the best one. Now I have to hit the back button 15 times and probably NOT reach the Google page from which I started.

But if I could have the new pages open in a new tab, then I could go back and forth between all the pages without worrying about the back button.

I am sure that this is just a setting change somewhere, but I can't find it....I do have it on my work computer.

Thanks/Rod Martinez

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When I open a link from a search it does open in a new tab (it is new, but it is at least in Firefox 4+)
browser.search.openintab user set true

More information on configuration variables available in about:config entries and for users not familiar with the process there is about:config (How to change).

You will find interesting reading on tabs in

From a Google search you should have the pages open in another tab, but with Google that is not quite good enough because they have them open all in the same new tab as you noticed so you've done that.

You can use Ctrl+click or Ctrl+Shift+click to open a link in a new tab.

You can use app-tab to pin the tab, right-click on the tab and choose pin-tab and the opposite to unpin tab, or delete the tab when done.