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Firefox will not connect to the internet.


When I try to connect with firefox it gives me the message that firefox was unable to connect to the server that I was attemting to connect to, and then it asks me if I would like to try agian. I still have internet explorer on my computer and it connects just fine. I need to have firefox working, or I will have to go with google chrome or something different, as internet explorer is not recomended to use on most online college applications and it is finals week.

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StanWalker 2 solutions 29 answers

Windows 7 has a firewall which controls access to the internet on a program by program basis. It is possible that Firefox is not in the firewall's list of a approved programs.

Go to the Help feature and search on Firewall and read the information on how to allow a program internet access.

I don't use the Windows 7 firewall, I use ZoneAlarm's firewall. When I installed ZoneAlarm, I disabled the Windows 7 firewall and have never used. Thus, I can't give you detailed directions as to what you might need to do to allow Firefox to use the internet.

NOW - are you able to get to the internet with Internet Explorer, just as a test?

If not, then the problem may be elsewhere, such as your internet connection - dialup, DSL, Cable, etc.