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how can i export/import all my FTP settings in Firefox4 from FireFox3.xx


i just upgraded my FireFox 3.x to version 4, and surprise all my FTP settings are gone. How can i import all my web sites ftp settings in version 4?? Thanks for replying, Adelin

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I think the storage location and method depends on which FTP tool you were using. Were you using FireFTP or another add-on?

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Hi, Thanks for replying. yes i was using FireFTP v.1.9xx with Firefox3.6. After the upgrade to Firefox 4 it said that FireFTP is not compatible with version 4. I opened FireFox 4, searched for adds on, and installed FireFTP v.1.9xx again, it works for the session, but when i reboot my PC, FireFTP is gone from the TOOLS menu. I have a lot of FTP settings so it is a pain to recreate them all, is there a way to get to the ftp settings and export/import them? Any suggestion welcome. A.

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I'm using FireFTP 1.99.4 with Firefox 4.

It seems to store its account information (other than passwords) in a file named "fireFTPsites.dat" in my profile folder. Folder location: Profiles | How to | Firefox Help.

If you have that .dat file from a backup, you could try dropping it into your current profile folder and see whether FireFTP picks it up.

Items disappearing from toolbars and menus can indicate a corrupted settings file, but in you might want to completely remove and reinstall FireFTP first before going there.