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There are links showing up on my website that I didn't put there. This is very disturbing! I don't want people to be taken to another site from mine, especially a competitor. That is so WRONG!! Why is this happening and what can I do about it?


website: www.LaunchPadPublishing.com I first noticed it on the About Us page, but as I check the site, it is happening on many pages. Certain words have links to other sites, such as to wikipedia or to a competitor (xlibris), which is a TOTAL INSULT and ABOMINATION!!! How can I be sure these are removed PERMANENTLY?

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Just noticed it, but I don't go to the site from the outside that often.

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I just went to the LaunchPadPublishing.com site and saw no links besides your email address. Do you have some add-on or plug in on your own local browser that is, perhaps, doing this? If so, it's not on your site. I found this thread because one of my computer clients just complained that I had put Wikipedia links on his site. There aren't any there, so I was trying to see if anyone else had experienced this.

Try looking at your site in a different browser or from a different computer. If they aren't there, then you have something loaded, whether you put it there or it's some sort of malware that has taken over your browser.