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Firefox hangs, crashes, or crawls daily

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I've had problems with Firefox for months but lately it has escalated to the point where I can't get work done. I've read the articles about hanging and crashing and I can't see situations that apply to me. It used to hang after long open times, but now it hangs after a half day's use and if I try to work through the hang/crawling times, it'll crash.

For example, here's a crash that happened yesterday as I tried to work through as it was crawling pitifully:

Last night it crawled again, hanging repeatedly, but I managed to get it closed before it crashed. I do that a lot, but it takes anywhere from 10-20 minutes to sit through hang times until I can get it closed.

Frequently if it crashes before I can close, I lose tab data unless I've managed to save the session manually, although a few weeks ago, all the saved sessions became corrupted.

I typically have 30-60 tabs open, but at any given time most of those are recipe pages I haven't had a chance to print yet. I don't have tons of flashy interactive tabs open or anything.

I have a few extensions, but not many and I try to keep them up to date (although there's this constant Java Console thing that won't go away). When the problem started a few months ago I tried going into Safe Mode but the hangs/crashes were so intermittent that I really couldn't tell if there was any difference.

I occasionally check the Task Manager and usually as it's getting more crawly, the memory usage is quite high. Right now I have 47 tabs, have restarted within the last hour, it's running okay and using 723,904k. Is that high?

Here's the previous crash report which seems to have more info in the tabs:

If it helps, here's the previous report to that:

I don't think I have malware, although I am aware it can be sneaky. I have Avira, Avast, and Spyware Guard all running all the time, regularly updated (in fact Avast likes to update itself several times a day, very annoying). I don't download things very often and never use pirated software, music, etc.

My husband and tech-savvy friends keep telling me something is corrupted and I should re-install, but I'm afraid if I do that I'll lose saved passwords/logins and other data.

Help would be appreciated, thanks.

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Crashed again tonight but it didn't generate a report. Got more and more sluggish as usual and I hoped I could finish one more thing before a reboot, but nope, went bonk.

Anyone have any advice for this? Please?

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And another one, this time did a report:

This is getting ridiculous. Can anybody provide advice please?

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Woot, check it, I went 1.7 days without a crash:

Seriously, is anybody around to give some advice on this? Why is Firefox barfing constantly?

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Another crash. Another null signature.

Anyone know anything about this?

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Hi Kimberley I've been following your posts hoping someone would come up with an answer, especially as you have crash reports that could provide some useful diagnostic infomation. I can only commiserate as I & many others are experiencing severe problems with FF4. You might like to read some other threads here that have a mix of discussion, solutions (for some), hints, tips, and assorted abuse hurled at Firefox's @#$% version 4.

With all those crash reports you might consider lodging a bug report. There will be a link in one of the threads to bugzilla.

I've experienced some benefit by deleting duplilcate session files, but serious problems still remain. It appears (from the discussions) that older systems may be experiencing more problems

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Thanks for that! Will look into submitting bug report. And yeah my system is older, purchased in 2006, running Vista. Shouldn't have to buy a new computer every few years because of browser issues. :/

BTW it means a lot that you took the time to reply...thought I was speaking into an echo cavern all alone! Thanks!

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I tried doing some of the stuff mentioned in that thread, or at least the things that weren't over my head. I downloaded the malware checker thing and let it do a full scan. All it came up with was that I'd changed my IE start page to an html file of my own devising. I told it to ignore that and did a full system scan and it was clean.

I also updated flash, although I've done so recently so it shouldn't have been horribly out of date. I briefly thought that fixed things since I went longer without a crash, but nope, it still up and died again anyway.

Here are the latest reports:

For the record, I have tried running Firefox in Safe Mode and I can't tell anything from that. Uptime varies too much. I'd have to have my computer in Safe Mode for hours or even a day or two and that's ridiculous because I can't get anything done that way.

I clicked on the bugzilla thing and had no clue what the heck was going on with that. No idea what I'm supposed to do here other than bail on Firefox, which I'd rather not do. I'm not stupid but this stuff isn't my area of expertise and I'd really like some basic advice, please.

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A 2006 machine running Vista is certainly not old in my book - I'm running a 2001 machine running Windows 2,000. You should be having no problems relating to your hardware and operating system.

I'm posting here as you posted on my similar forum topic. I only managed a couple of days on FF4 and had to roll back to FF 3.6.17 (you still can, I think, links were posted in my topic somewhere) - but I then tried FF5 Beta which was an immediate improvement. I'm loathe to suggest that to you now though as (if you have read my topic, you'll know) there was a mandatory 'upgrade' to FF 5 Beta that has had a detrimental effect and is causing the very same 'hanging', 'freezing', 'crawling' and 'failure to respond' that you are (and I was) experiencing on FF4.

What I did find out though was that you really need to file a bug report to get these problems flagged up - I do sympathise immensely at your concern in doing so, it is incredibly 'geeky' and does not seem fit for simple user response. However, Mozilla just do not see the forum as a communication/alerting tool,so posting here will get little practical done.

In shared frustration,


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Giving up after three more crashes in 2 days (they're getting more frequent) and still no response from any tech support people here:

Chrome it is, then. Can't be any worse than Firefox.

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Hi, i had the exact same problem with FF4, it got so bad that it would "not respond" near enough every click of the mouse, i could not find help anywhere, so many solutions from people who reproted the same problem, but none of them worked,, malwarebytes and kaspesky both reported no viruses, i started FF4 in safe mode, the same thing, i then started it over and over uninstalling one addon ata a time until i removed all of my addons, but it still kept happening, fortunately i found my own solution, i upgraded to FF5.5 Beta, that was 3 days ago, ive not had a problem since, i hope that this solution may work for you too. it would appear that this is just a FF4 problem, good luck. here is a link for you to take the upgrade, i believe that it will work for you.

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Thanks, but I read that 5.5 underwent a forced upgrade that returned a lot of the problems.

I've switched to Chrome. It works like a dream. It has a couple of features I miss like the ability to put the tabs down at the bottom, a "send link" button, and how the Google toolbar would let me click a search term button to find it on a page, but otherwise it's so far way better than Firefox. No crashes yet, faster, cleaner, etc.

I still hope Firefox eventually wakes up and smells the problem but since they seem disinclined to do so, I'm disinclined to ever use a Mozilla product again.

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I have used Firefox since it first came out, and always loved it. Firefox 4.0.1 is a different story. This must be one of the worst software upgrades across the board, of any software package I have ever used. I have stuck with it for a few weeks, and I have now finally given up.

Constant crashes, constant freezes, many plugins no longer work, my favorite among them, i.e PDF plugin to see PDF files inside the browser. AppTabs disappear over and over.

I have downgraded back to 3.6.17 and hope things will be better again.

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I am also getting frequent and very serious crashes to the point that I have had to restart my computer. I am getting more than a little tired of it! I also have tried to update my flash player and java but every time I try it says that I have to close Firefox to continue.The problem??? When I close Firefox the app closes with it so it does not update. Needless to say I am back to using IE and am checking out other browsers. I used to love Firefox until one update after another was applied before all glitches were corrected. Sad to see such a good browser go down.