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How can a product like "ClickTale" track my mouse movement through my browser?


ClickTale advertises that they can silently track the user's mouse movement without him knowing, meaning that mouse coordinate info is sent to the server without consent. Is it by design that a website can contain code to do that kind of thing? It seems to me like a serious breach of user privacy, they could be sending key strokes just the same...

They write on their website (http://www.clicktale.com/) : "Visitors navigate your website naturally, completely unaware they are being tracked"

What do you think?

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Install this add-on: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/trackerscan/

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This is not a matter of protecting a certain user. The question is whether the browser publishes API for doing such things!

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They even RECORD full sessions, including text you enter in forms (this may even include https sessions) and SEND THEM TO THEIR SERVERS!!! they use javascript, the bastards...

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Install this one too: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/betterprivacy/

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You keep missing the point. I want my browser to natively prevent websites from tracking and recording my sessions, I don't think most users will ever know of this, and therefore will not install add ons. That's why the browser should come with built in protection against such things.

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My suggestion if to post about ClickTale in the NoScript support forum, since that product uses JavaScript on a website's web pages to "do its thing".