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Does Firefox have an equivalent of IE 9's System Restore? Quote: " It helps you restore your computer's system files to an earlier point in time."


If, for example, when using IE 9, I download something that causes my computer to misbehave, I can use IE 9's "System Restore" capability to revert my hard drive back to a point in the past when the drive was running correctly. The software will show me the "safe points" in time to which I can revert; I select one of the proposed times, run System Restore, and the computer will work as it did at the time I selected.

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Hey their , i think Firefox doesn't have any equivalent function to the one you mentioned .

but IE9 have it because it's all Microsoft products (Windows & IE9).

but by default the Windows system store any new installation as a checkpoint where you can easily select and restore your system back again before it.


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I don't think System Restore is part of IE9, it's part of Windows OS. IE9 and Firefox are both browsers only, not OS. You can revert to an older browser versions.

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Thanks for your replies! So it sounds like I could do a revert using the Microsoft System Restore, because even if Firefox is the browser, the OS is from Microsoft and will run the restore no matter what browser I am using. Does that sound right to you? Thanks again.

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amin.mina.it 0 solutions 13 answers

you could easily restore your system from Microsoft windows "system restore" , and this will have no relation with firefox .

but you can create a new restore point before each time you are going to install or add something new

thanks , good luck

silkphoenix 92 solutions 1250 answers

amin.mina.it -- You are right. Windows System Restore will restore your system to whatever the date you dedicated. If you are having any problems with your PC, or even problems with your browsers, you can always choose to restore your system to an earlier date. Please read this thread for further details.


If you are having problems with Firefox only but not your PC, you can just follow cor-el's instruction to do a clean reinstall instead. If you decide to do a System Restore, and having problems with Firefox afterward, follow cor-el's instructions also to fix the problem.

Good luck.

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amin.mina.it -- You suggested, "....you can create a new restore point before each time you are going to install or add something new."

In the past, I have always relied on System Restore to suggest the restore point. How would I go about creating a new restore point myself? Thanks.

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silkphoenix -- Thanks for the link; your suggestion is very helpful. I'm going to bookmark the page in case I have any problems.

silkphoenix 92 solutions 1250 answers

amin.mina.it -- This article will give you lots of details about System Restore:


amin.mina.it 0 solutions 13 answers

thanks for your time and effort i will check this link.

silkphoenix 92 solutions 1250 answers

etm42 and amin.mina.it -- I am sorry, I have mixed up the names in my replies. I hope all my replies were helpful to both of you.

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To add to what has already been posted, it is best not to use system restore to go back to an earlier version of Firefox, this may not work and can result in not being able to start Firefox at all. It is best to use the method posted by cor-el in the thread previously linked to above - http://support.mozilla.com/questions/727284

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Be careful with using system restore. It will undo Firefox updates, but also changes some files in the Firefox profile folder to older versions. Possible candidates are .ini files (profiles.ini , compatibility.ini) and .js files (prefs.js and user.js and sessionstore.js), so be sure to backup your profile folder.