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How come Firefox and IE stopped working on my computer after I installed Chrome, even after I uninstalled Chrome?


I used to use Firefox as my browser, and occasionally IE when it was required by a website. I decided to give Chrome a try and installed it on my computer. When I subsequently tried to use Firefox I find that it crashes EVERY time I use it within about 3-4 page views. IE also now crashes EVERY time I use it. The only browser that works on my computer now is Chrome. Seems a little suspicious to me. Recently my wife accidentally installed Chrome when she was clicking through the agreement screens when downloading an update to some piece of software. Her Firefox now freezes constantly whenever she clicks on anything, but of course Chrome works like a bleeding charm. I can't remember for sure if her Firefox problems started immediately after installing Chrome or maybe existed a little before, but it was certainly after installing Chrome that I noticed it. I'm very suspicious that there might be a conflict, intentional or not, that Chrome creates which interferes with the operation of competing browsers.

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You can try this: go to Tools | Options | Advanced and in the General tab, checkmark "Always check to see that Firefox is the default browser on startup" and then click the Check Now button.

Also, it says in your System Details that you're running v3.6. In the 3.6.x series, the latest version is 3.6.18 and you'd be wise to install that if you don't want to upgraded to Firefox 4.0 for whatever reason.

You can perform updates in the 3 series by clicking Help | Check For Updates and can upgrade to the latest version by repeating the same steps.

And yes, you have to be careful these days when installing anything. Google Earth has Google Chrome checkmarked by default and it'll be installed if you don't remove the checkmark.

If all else fails, uninstall Firefox via Add/remove programs, but don't checkmark the option to remove your bookmarks, customizations etc. Those will then be retained so that you can continue where you left off before uninstalling it. Download a fresh installation file first though: Download Firefox 4.0 or Download Firefox 3.6.16