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I can erase history but my sites appear in the 'recently closed tabs'.How do I delete sites from recently closed tags?.


When I need to erase history I do so by going to the History-Show All History-Today and highlight and delete the required sites. However, all the deleted sites are shown on the 'recently closed tabs', which I am unable to delete, thereby making the sites visited by me, accessible to other users of the computer. I will appreciate a way shown to delete the information in the 'Recently Closed Tabs' window. Thanks

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You can (temporarily) set the pref browser.sessionstore.max_tabs_undo to 0 to clear the "Recently Closed Tabs" list.

If you want to re-use the "Recently Closed Tabs" feature (Undo Closed Tabs) then you can reset the pref browser.sessionstore.max_tabs_undo to the default value via the right-click context menu.

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Thanks for your answer but it is only a temporary measure and retrievable by anyone. I prefer to delete all sites after my session at the computer. Thanks