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when I don't have the BROWSER menu option turned on, the WINDOW menu options are un-accessable by mouse

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First of all, I would like to clarify which "menu" is un-accessable.

I'm referring to the menu that regardless of which program, a user can access by either clicking ALT + SPACE or by clicking the top left corner of the window. I'm NOT referring to the FIREFOX menu options, those I am fine with.

Normally, I can just move my mouse to the top left corner and double click to close a program. I used to be able to do that too with firefox 3.6. However, due to the new design, when I click the top left corner, I get the orange Firefox drop down menu. This is because firefox, due to the new update, no longer has an independent window bar that is the norm across most programs. The only way I can get this independent menu bar is to enable the browser menu bar. This however, adds two entire layers of bars, which defeats one of the purposes of the update, to give more viewing space

The Chrome browser also has the tab row on top, however, it doesn't have the issue I brought up. When I click the top left corner of the window, the regular WINDOW menu options pop up.

The reason why this is important to me is due to the fact that I use two monitors. Normally, I can just move my cursor to the top right and close the window without looking for my right hand side monitor, and then double click the top left hand side of my left hand side monitor to close the window. This is because with a 2 monitor set up, the "X" close button is located inconvinently in the middle of my two screens, forcing me to aim for the tiny small red rectangle, which is why I prefere to double click the top left corner; I don't have to aim.

I have long been a loyal user of firefox. Browsers like Chrome and others have been out ranking firefox for a long time, mozilla is only playing catch up here...

While I am glad for the update - better speed due to JaegerMonkey, the added hardware acceleration, the tab groups, and more, if the window menu problem is not resolved soon, this update is going to force me to switch browsers.

I look forward to a fix, or response on how to resolve this issue.

Many thanks, Still a firefox user... for now