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I am using FireFox 4. Where is the "Bookmark All Tabs…" feature. I would like to save my Tabs for a later session. The selection is not on the menu when I right-mouse click or go to the Bookmarks feature of the Menu.

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Missing "Bookmark All Tabs…" feature which was in previous versions of FireFox 3.x. If you right-mouse click on a neutral part of the Browser window, there would be choice of "Bookmark this page" or "Bookmark All Tabs…". I have been unable to find it either in the sub-menu or the BOOKMARK selection from the Menu Bar.

Chosen solution

If you right-click on a tab you get the "Bookmark all tabs" option, or you can use keyboard shortcut Control=Shift+D

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Chosen Solution

If you right-click on a tab you get the "Bookmark all tabs" option, or you can use keyboard shortcut Control=Shift+D

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The Bookmark All Tabs... has been moved to the "Tabs" Sub-Menu.

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What do you mean by Tabs sub-menu is it right-clicking on a tab ? I know that "ctrl-shift-D" still work. I know that a right-click on a tab gives the "Bookmark all Tabs" function.

But I would like to see it back in the Bookmarks menu. (which is its logical place)

Because today the choice only disappeared from the menu as it is still reachable through keyboard shortcut or through mouse right-click on a tab but tomorrow it will totally disappear and personally I don't want that as this is one of my favorite functionality.

Tank you for your understanding !

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Right click on the X in the Tab to get the correct drop down menu.

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i totally understand what you mean it SUCKS BIG i can't describe how Firefox 4 has made me feel so unconformable other then its speed i prefer the functionality of firefox 3 dam even when i try to reload a page by right click the tab and reload i hit that stupid pin app and my page goes AWOL and i have to drag it back in place again

why can't firfox stay simple its know to be way easier but anyway im starting to rant and i am sorry you have done an awesome job just some specs don't meet my needs as a long user of FF.

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it's beyond me how anyone could find this unhelpful. Solves the problem in a sentence - thank you

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See /questions/799856#answer-155765

Some menu entries are hidden by default and only appear if you use the keyboard to open the menu.

"Bookmark All Tabs" and "Bookmark All Tabs" in the Bookmarks menu are among them.

You can see the difference if you use Alt+F or Alt+B to the File and Bookmarks menu and compare that to what you see if you use the mouse to open the menu after you have made the menu bar visible by pressing Alt or by pressing F10.

  • "Bookmark This Page" and "Bookmark All Tabs" no longer show in the Bookmarks menu unless you open the Bookmarks menu via the keyboard (Alt + B).
  • "Bookmark This Page" can be accessed via the right-click context menu of that browser page.
  • "Bookmark All Tabs" can be accessed via the right-click context menu of a tab on the tab bar.
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Placing a link to "bookmark ALL tabs" under a single tab strikes me as anti-logical. Perhaps I am simply deeply flawed in terms of logical thinking skills (something my friends, imaginary though they may be, would likely agree with), but when i want to do something with a SINGLE tab, I think of clicking on a SINGLE tab. When I want to do something with ALL tabs, I look for a global menu.

I'm sure there will be a kludge way to rectify this design issue through a plug-in of some sort, but I hope the (glorious and thoroughly appreciated volunteers in the) design community will consider the position of many of us lowly users that the current setup is not obvious nor particularly logical. I find the placement of "bookmark THIS page" on the global bookmarks menu far less obvious that a "bookmark ALL tabs" option would be.

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You won't find it anymore in the next major Firefox version in the tab context menu.

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I almost uninstalled and went back to Firefox 3 because they eliminated this option from the stock 4 version but there is a simple solution.

To "bookmark all tabs" in Firefox 4 and later versions just add the add-on feature at the link below which will restore the "Bookmark All" feature and can be accessed under the Tools menu, or directly by using the shortcut "Control-Shift-D" but this only works after you have installed the add-on feature. Hope this helps! :D

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hmmm. where to start...first off, we all love firefox, but WHY?? why have they done this to us?? they INVENTED the TAB didn't they? there we were, cruising along using firefox 3, either intelligent multitaskers or just ADD like a mofo, opening 14 tabs in one window before we decided, hmm, i think i better open a new window now....30 minutes later we've got 19 windows open with somewhere between 7 and 42 tabs in each one, when we see a link that we really want to right click and "open in a new tab". but at this point, it no longer seems like a good idea, the computer is buzzing and clicking, the fan is on hyperblast, and the mouse pointer disappears for longer than you want it to. but we still want ALL of our tabs for later. enter the "bookmark all tabs" menu item!! after crashing firefox countless times, we learn to start employing this to save and close some of those windows before firefox explodes and has to restart and slowly try to reload all 147 of our tabs at once. we came to rely on this command from the inventors of the tab, the second greatest browser feature since the tab itself. so, tell me, WHY, WHY, WHY would they take it off the menu??????????????? where is the humanity???????????????????? i had to create a mozilla account just to comment on this tragedy...

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How can we turn this feature back on when the Mouse is used to open the menu?

I know how myself, but others need it on the menu.

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Add code to userChrome.css below the @namespace line.

@namespace url(""); /* only needed once */
#navigator-toolbox menuitem[class="show-only-for-keyboard"]{ display:-moz-box !important; }
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@essisdaddy "it's beyond me how anyone could find this unhelpful. Solves the problem in a sentence - thank you" It is not helpful because it does not work. Firefox removed (for no reason I can fathom) the ctrl-shift-d keyboard shortcut many versions ago.

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{Ctrl + Shft + D} is in every version of Firefox I have used on Windows & Linux PC's. Maybe you have or had an extension installed that took over that keystroke combo or disabled it.

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@the-edmeister Actually, no, even on a clean install of os and firefox with no extensions the ctrl-shift-d keyboard shortcut is not there since at least 3.6.x. This has been a major annoyance to me for some time. I did mention this in the mailing list when I saw the menu option was gone and they said that it was disabled in linux, but they had no idea why. I don't, either, because disabling keyboard shortcuts like that makes no sense. If I knew how to put it back, I would. I had seen the same thing on Windows as well before, but I have not looked at it again recently nor have I tried 4.x on Windows. Incidentally I don't use any themes and the only addon I usually install is noscript, but I have observed this with nothing installed, not even plugins.

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@Enigmarain "" That does work. It seems to use ctrl-alt-d rather than ctrl-shift-d, but maybe there is a way to change that (I don't read Japanese unfortunately so I can't read the instructions for it). If there isn't, maybe the "keyconfig" extension would allow you to change it whereas without this there is no way for keyconfig to restore ctrl-alt-d (it only allows you to configure hotkeys for actions that show up in its list of actions, and "bookmark all tabs" does not show up there on Linux. One caveat though is that "bookmark-all" does not give you a dialog box to decide where the bookmarks go or what the folder is called. But you can change that later with the bookmark manager. I have decided against this as a solution for now because I would rather have the actual feature back, and have uninstalled both extensions.

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Two easy way's

right-click on a tab get the "Bookmark all tabs" option,

keyboard shortcut Control+Shift+D

or you can install addon from site but only work with Mozilla Firefox 3 or 4.

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@tewb1408a, that's c00l, but you might wanna use PNG 4 teh screenshots..;)

( :))

ps. Just another link @

pps. @dheerajpundir it's been said in the thread already, everything you wrote; & btw., to install older add-ons use: 1. 2.

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Try using the MenuManipulator extension. After installing, and restarting Firefox. 1. open the MenuManipulator dialog in the Tools menu(May need to temporarily bring up Menu bar) 2. right click on the "BMB_bookmarksPopup" menupopup id 3. select New > Menu Item 4. enter label "Bookmark All Tabs" 5. move menuitem below the "Subscribe to This Page" menu label 6. Look to the right side of the dialog screen, right click on the right side of the MenuManipulator dialog(the “bookmark all tabs” line) 7. select Insert 8. enter attribute name "command" 9. enter attribute value "Browser:BookmarkAllTabs" 10. click OK

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