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Firefox is preventing me installing Adobe 7 flash no matter what I do.Heeeeelp!


Firefoxhas disabled all plugs in. Ihave downloaded Adobe flash 7 but cannot install it as Firefox is preventing me all the time. the message I get from Adobe is close Firefox and then will automatically be isntalled but it is just not happening. I now cannot surf some sites.

I have lost count of the hours I have spent trying to fix this.

Additional System Details

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

This started when...

when I downloaded an update


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More Information

Sorry not techie enough to even understand this question. I have done aeverhting I have been asked to that I understand

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There are 2 versions of Adobe Flash. The ActiveX version for IE only, and the plugin version for Firefox and other browsers except IE. If you download Flash with IE, you get only the IE (ActiveX) version; if you download with Firefox, you get only the Firefox and other browsers (plugin) version. You must keep both updated. Follow the instructions below for Firefox. And yes, you do need to close Firefox for the install to complete.

  1. Check your plugin versions on either of the following links':
  2. Install or Update the Flash plugin to the latest version.
    • Download and SAVE to your Desktop so you can find the installer later
    • If you do not have the current version, click on the "Player Download Center" link on the "Download and information" or "Download Manual installers" below
    • After download is complete, exit Firefox
    • Click on the installer you just downloaded and install
      • Windows 7 and Vista: may need to right-click the installer and choose "Run as Administrator"
    • Start Firefox and check your version again or test the installation by going back to the download link below
    • Download and information: http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/
      • Use Firefox to go to the above site to update the Firefox plugin (will also install plugin for most other browsers; except IE)
      • Use IE to go to the above site to update the IE ActiveX
    • Download Manual installers.

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