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"SKIP THIS AD" -- how to disable or stop this???


Within the last couple days I'm getting the most annoying pop up ads...in the top right hand corner it says "SKIP THIS AD" and you have to click on it to get past it.

I've searched all around the net and I keep reading that this is specific to FireFox. I've tried running my spyware and protection software, all with no help.

I'm running Windows 7 64bit. I've installed the add on called "Ad Blocker Plus" and have added the different suggested filters, all with no help at all.

Can someone please tell me how to COMPLETELY disable these annoying ads. I've been a Firefox user for as long as I can remember...if I don't get this completely sorted out VERY soon I'm going to completely switch over to Safari.

Can anyone help me with this? Please email me if you have any permanent solutions. My contact email is jamcha00@gmail.com

(it's jamcha "zero zero" @ gmail.com)

Thanks in advance everyone!


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Do a malware check with some malware scanning programs.
You need to scan with all programs because each program detects different malware.
Make sure that you update each program to get the latest version of their databases before doing a scan.

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sevenseas 0 solutions 8 answers

Since I have the same problem, I did what you suggested. I however have to say that doing so didn't bring the expected success, the annoying "skip this ad" message keeps coming up. What now? :-)

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Question owner

I installed every program you recommended and ran every disk check with each of them...It didn't solve the problem. As soon as I opened my firefox browser and went to my third page I got the dreaded "Skip this ad" crap!

I think we should all just use a different web browser like safari!

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Did you check the connection settings?

See "Firefox connection settings":

^ fixed the hyperlink - moderator

See also:

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sevenseas 0 solutions 8 answers

What "connection settings" do you mean, please? I would very much appreciate if you could provide step-by-step instructions. Thanks.

Question owner

Ya what are you referring to when you say Connection Settings? The only thing I found to have any bearing on connections settings is when a site wants to place an ad???

To the other guy with the same issues as me here....I just started to try out Google Chrome and it's pretty darn good. Just be sure to import all your bookmarks and favorites over to Chrome and install the web address drop down menu. Chrome doesn't come with it so you'll have to add it as an extension.

So please to the other person, inform us as to what you mean by connection settings.

Let me know what you think of Chrome?

Question owner

Hey sevenseas...I added the extension called NOSCRIPT into Firefox...it totally made the skip this ad stop. But it comes at a cost, it takes away a lot of functionality of different sites.

Let me know what you think about it....I'm almost at the point of just wiping my computer to fresh again.

sevenseas 0 solutions 8 answers

Hi fuzion, Thanks for referring to me. Don't wipe your computer (setting up Windows and all programs) yet. The blooddy ad thing has nothing to do with viruses or spyprograms. I'm 100 pc sure since I read dozens of posts in other forums about the same issue. Just the solutions isn't there yet...

I agree, NoScript would be a solution, but at the costs that you were talking about. I don't want the NoScript window to open with every page that I visit.

I tried Chrome before, I did not like it. As I'm a long standing Internet user, I'm familiar with the Firefox family, I also was familiar with all its predecessors (then known by the name of Netscape Navigator). One doesn't give up old habits easily...

Let's hope someone will come up and let us know what really solves our problem.

Question owner

Hey sevenseas...I've read this issue is pretty wide spread too. I can't stand having noscript...it sucks. Takes away so much from the sites I like to go to.

I tried Chrome and Safari and can't talk myself into liking them no matter how much I try. I'm now using Explorer, which is the closest thing to FireFox in my opinion. It's not bad but it's definitely no FireFire, that's for sure!!

Nobody knows how to fix this? Someone out there must have some sort of a solution for it.

I really just want my FireFox back to normal without all the extra add ons and crappy "skip this ad" ads!!

Please someone advise how to get rid of it for good!

Also Cor-el or anyone else who can explain what he meant by "connection settings"???

Thanks in advance everyone!

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Efreak101 16 solutions 182 answers

Have you tried going into the NoScript settings? You can blacklist certain websites...

Question owner

@SevenSeas....OMG Brother...I think I may have figured this out for us. I went into uninstall programs under control panel and uninstalled something called your profit club. I know for a fact I got this "skip this ad" virus when I downloaded something shaddy from kickasstorrents.com last week...Anyhow it was installed the same day I installed said program from KAT.

Check to see if you have anything weird to uninstall/delete under control panel/uninstall.

I've gone to the usual pages so far, all with no "skip this ad" crap....hahaha every page I go to, it feels like a roulette wheel in the casino. I sooooo hope that solves the issue and I never see that damn screen again!

Good luck...and report back.

PS....I took a screen shot when I found and uninstalled that weird program. When uninstalling anything in the past I've never been asked to provide a password to get rid of something before??? Has anyone who reads this? Makes me feel a little bit better about he roulette wheel! :)

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sevenseas 0 solutions 8 answers

Helpful Reply

Bingo! "Contextual Tool Yourprofitclub" was installed on my computer without my consent. Thanks so much for this hint. I removed the program via the Control Panel, I also had to enter a password to get rid of it (see attached screen shot). I'll report later if the annoying "skip this ad" screen has disappeared permanently.

Entering "Contextual Tool Yourprofitclub" into any search engine will result in many very helpful hints. The tenor about is that "Contextual Tool Yourprofitclub" was installed after downloading via a P2P File sharing program (just as you mentioned it).

sevenseas 0 solutions 8 answers

As promised, here comes my feed back: After surfing plenty of websites, the nagging "skip this ad" screen hasn't come up again. Touch wood anyway :-) Thanks again, fuzion, for your most appreciated hint.

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Question owner

@SevenSeas....No your kidding? Crap not the news I was hoping for.

Did it reinstall anything yet?

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sevenseas 0 solutions 8 answers

fuzion, sorry, I don't understand your question. Please make a complete and clear sentence. Thanks. I'll then be only too happy to answer.

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Question owner

@SevenSeas....I've read that there could be other things in your control panel/uninstall programs. Check for this "advanced performance platform revenuestreaming" it's the same thing as "profit club"

Also the best way to tell if something else was installed without your knowledge...organize the program list BY DATE and then you can see all the most recent things installed. I'd check for anything installed right after the beginning of 2011.

Let me know if you found anything else in there? Also have you ran any spyware programs since uninstalling Your Profit club yet? Do a full scan with Windows Defender, and everything else you have to get rid of malware garbage.

I'm sure you and me can figure this out somehow. Luckily for me, I haven't seen an more ads as of yet.

sevenseas 0 solutions 8 answers

Helpful Reply

Thanks, fuzion, for your much clearer post. I repeat: Since removal of the program "Contextual Tool Yourprofitclub", I don't have any pop-ups on my machine anymore. I also don't have "advanced performance platform revenuestreaming" on my system. After removal of "Contextual Tool Yourprofitclub", I did of course a scan with Antimalwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware - both didn't find anything. However, Windows Defender found a worm called "Windows32/OpenCandy", I had it removed with Windows Defender. Special thanks for this hint.

I searched for the program "list by date", but didn't find it. Please provide a download link.

Seems as if my system is clean again. How about yours, is it still doing fine?

Question owner

Hey SS,

I'm sorry I thought in one of your post you said....after surfing the web the problem DID come back. I must have misunderstood your post. I'm so glad to hear all is good still....the same for me, I haven't seen it since! Thank god!!

This is what I meant by "search uninstall programs by date" I've attached a photo and circled what I was referring to.

Now we just have to get the word out there for other people stuck in the same situation as we were in before erasing Profiit club.

I can't believe it actually was installed on my PC without me knowing about it for this long. haha

sevenseas 0 solutions 8 answers

Yeap, there was a misunderstanding. And, yes, I now understood what you meant by "list by date". There is fortunately nothing in there that looks suspicous.

I also agree - we should spread the word out there. It seems as if there are still many others that don't know yet how to get rid of the nagging message. I so far have published the solution in a German forum (I speak the language but am not German). And I also have asked in the Antimalwarebytes forum why the malignous program had not been recognized (see here: http://bit.ly/hywLGa).

Now, let's go back to the daily routine. Thanks again for sorting this out.

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carltonh3 0 solutions 2 answers

I do not have "Contextual Tool Yourprofitclub" listed as a program, but I am continually getting the annoying "Skip This Ad" pop up.

Any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated.