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Issues filling out form-data on pages through Firefox mobile.

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When going to sites such as YouTube Mobile (, Facebook Mobile (, etc Firefox has an issue typing in message/comment/search boxes. The only box I've never had this issue in is the address bar.

So I'll go to a friend's Facebook page and attempt to leave a comment. I'll start typing, and somewhere in the sentence the cursor will back up before the last typed letter and start inserting letters before it. The browser will occasionally allow me to move the cursor to the end of what I was typing, but as soon as I press backspace on my keyboard (Droid2 Global. Same effect on touch keyboard as well as physical one), the browser interprets it as a "page back" command, and I've lost everything I just typed. Occasionally it will stop as soon as I reboot the whole phone, but rebooting/force-closing FF does not help.

Quite often (not always) when this happens, it's accompanied by a complete blackening of the text box (as if it were being hilighted in black), and bar similar in appearance to the side bars (tab management and back/forward) will show up with an up/down arrow on the bottom of the screen, but it does nothing either.

This is an off-and-on problem. No known trigger or way to get it to stop.

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Thanks for the reports, and sorry about the bugs! We're working on fixing the out-of-order typing:

I think that the backspace problem might already be fixed, but I will double check to make sure.

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I just made a change that should prevent backspace from navigating back:

This fix won't be in version 4.0b5 (coming in the next week or so), but it will be in the release after that.