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where is the refresh button?


Hi there, i am new to using firefox, i will look thru some of the tutorials. I wondered where the refresh button is? i have ticked all the view toolbars - menu, nav etc thanks.

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Gryllida 76 solutions 892 answers

Go to View -> Toolbars, choose to Customise. The reload button should either

  • un-combine itself from other buttons in the toolbar, or
  • appear in the listing of unused buttons.
Gryllida 76 solutions 892 answers

Please let us know how that works.

Question owner

Thank you that worked a trick! And I notice now the jolly thing is staying in the ribbon! Thanks guys. I am very new to firefox and am about to launch into some of those tutorials! I am so delighted with firefox i have given the explorer the flick unless in desperate times. I am still having problems accessing half the game functions in my game in facebook, but i think its my computer as i cannot access it in either browers. I have done all the suggestions by everyone, and i am loathe to reload adobe, so when i get too fed up i may just do something else about that issue! Anyway enough warbling! Thanks once again!

halo 0 solutions 2 answers

The refresh button is not visible when I try to customize!

halo 0 solutions 2 answers

The refresh button is no where to be found when I use the customize function.

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bphoto@dc.rr.com 0 solutions 1 answers

Where is it? Show a picture of where to look. It's not listed on the "Customize" icons, so where is it? This is so exasperating!

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10754 solutions 96777 answers

You can see a picture of the toolbar buttons in the Customize navigation buttons like back, home, bookmarks and reload KB article.

Orometua 0 solutions 1 answers

Helpful Reply

The Refresh button is the arrow pointing clockwise to the right end of the Address Bar. You may need to go to <View> - <Toolbars> - <Customize> - <Restore Default Set> - <Done> to make the Refresh button appear.

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The screenshot you posted is for Firefox 4.0beta, which has a different location for the Reload button than 3.6.13 does - which is what the "owner" of this thread is using.

debmcb 0 solutions 1 answers

Helpful Reply

I found it, it's at the end of the address bar, in the corner of the white area.

nancye513 0 solutions 1 answers

I have tried 'restore default set' ~ didn't get 'refresh'. I have tried customize, but the refresh button as described above is not there. Any other ideas?

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10754 solutions 96777 answers

If you deleted the file localstore.rdf in the Firefox Profile Folder then you should get all default buttons back on the Navigation Toolbar.


Help > Troubleshooting Information > Profile Directory: Open Containing Folder

cosmo 0 solutions 1 answers

Go to: View - Toolbars - Customise. Click; Show: Icons & Text should be showing in this box. Refresh has been re-titled to Reload.

pgc_48 0 solutions 3 answers

There is no visible icon or text in the customize box in the tool bar

pgc_48 0 solutions 3 answers

I am having this same problem. There is no icon or text button for reload or refresh in the customize box under tools. I want to restore my bar back to the way it was before I downloaded Mozilla FireFox 4

rontiara 0 solutions 5 answers

Everybody seems to be having the same problem, but going to View>Toolbars>Customize doesn't work. There is no "Refresh" icon shown in the list of available icons.

I tried restoring the localstore.rdf file from an earlier backup, but that didn't work, either.

This all started when I downloaded Version 4.

rontiara 0 solutions 5 answers

I just discovered a stopgap measure: Pressing F5 will refresh the screen, as it does in Windows XP. It's not as good as a button to click, but it works until the Firefox people can fix the problem.

zuelsdorf 0 solutions 2 answers

Mozilla couldn't have found a better place to hide refresh if they had tried! This is an icon that I use a lot. Many thanks to those who suggested F5 which works on Win 7 also. A whole lot easier than trying to remember where that little tiny white circle arrow is!