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Where is Firefox v. 3.0.19 download link?


I'm currently using FF 3.0.15 on a Mac Book, OS 10.6.

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  • Netscape Navigator Default Plug-in
  • Runs Java applets using the latest installed versions of Java. For more information: Java Embedding Plugin. Run version test: Java Information.
  • Shockwave Flash 10.2 r152
  • The QuickTime Plugin allows you to view a wide variety of multimedia content in web pages. For more information, visit the QuickTime Web site.


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More Information

I can't find download link for Firefox 3.0.19 (just got a prompt) -- I have Mac Book, am using OS X, 10.6. I'm currently using Firefox FF 3.0.15; do NOT want to download current FF version yet; have heard it's really full of problems.

dynamite 60 solutions 382 answers

Is there any specific reason why you want to install 3.0.19? It is highly advisable that you install version 3.6.13 since it is the latest, most stable and secure version of Firefox. You can download it at www.mozilla.com.

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David Tenser
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Yeah, you should definitely upgrade to Firefox 3.6 asap, as 3.0.x is no longer supported by Mozilla. This means that you're no longer patched for security holes and are exposed to online threats like viruses, etc.

Upgrading is easy - just go to mozilla.com and download the latest and greatest version of Firefox. Good luck!

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Ugh, can't reply to answers, but:

It would be nice to have it available for compatibility testing.

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Re: My wanting to install v. 3.0.19 -- I'd read in various places online that v. 36.15 was "untrustworthy" for many reasons, and was wary of downloading to that--but it took so long to get e-mailed answer to my question, that I finally "bit the bullet" and downloaded it anyway--it did have several glitches; then I slightly upgraded that, and there are fewer problems. Thanks for your answer! A.