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Firefox 4.ob10 Mac: The "Save Tabs?" does not appear when quitting FF


I have disabled all extentions, add-ons, started up in Safe Mode or tried any other suggestions placed on the forum, but still, tabs are not saved.

I don't find a "enable" or "disable Save Tabs" in the preferences

As suggested, in the profile folder I have renamed the formhistory.sqlite to formhistory.sqlite.bak and sessionstore.js to sessionstore.js.bak

No saving of Tabs. Any suggestion? Tkx Yve

Chosen solution

The prefs for Save & Quit the warning message have been set by default to false in current Firefox 4 beta versions (Bug 592822 - Remove quit warning dialog).

You can set the warn prefs on the about:config page to true via the right-click context menu or toggle with a double left-click.

Read this answer in context 59

Additional System Details

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

This started when...

a few days ago

Installed Plug-ins

all disabled


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Shoshana416 0 solutions 2 answers

I followed ALL the troubleshooting ideas and NOTHING helped. I went back to the old version and gave up on the 4.0 version. That was the difference I saw and it wasn't convenient at all.

Zombo81 0 solutions 1 answers

This worked for me Vista64, about:config toggle to true.


Pattsworld 0 solutions 2 answers


Hi i had the same problem about Firefox not saving my tabs the problem is fix i found a site that fix it http://browsers.about.com/od/f.....ions_6.htm

1)One of the most popular features in the newly released Firefox 4 are its Tab Groups, better known as Panorama. Unfortunately, many readers have been complaining that their Tab Groups are not being saved after closing their browser. What good is taking the time to create these Tab Groups if they are just erased when you shut down Firefox? Fear not, as About Web Browsers has you covered. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to ensure that your Tab Groups get saved between browsing sessions.

2)First, type the following into your browser’s address bar and hit Enter: about:config. You should now see the warning message shown in the screen shot above. Click on the button labeled I’ll be careful, I promise!

3)Firefox’s about:config interface should now be displayed, listing a large number of internal browser preferences. Scroll down until you locate the browser.showQuitWarning preference, circled in the example above. The default value of this preference is false. If the value is already true within this preference, then you can skip the remainder of this tutorial.

4)Double-click on the browser.showQuitWarning preference. The value should now be true, as shown in the example above.

5)In the screen shot above, I have created two Tab Groups. I would like these Tab Groups to be available each and every time I launch my Firefox 4 browser. By following the steps in this tutorial they will be.

Close your Firefox 4 browser.

6)Firefox 4 will now prompt you regarding the status of your open tabs and Tab Groups. Click on the button labeled Save and Quit. Your browser will now close, but your Tab Groups will be available the next time you launch Firefox 4.

By Scott Orgera Web Browsers Guide I want thank him.

Pattsworld 0 solutions 2 answers

Hi i had the same problem when was saving tabs, i had find out a answer on the web myself and remember not to change any other files in about:config in Firefox. I notice that people getting blue letters in the menu bar say Msn or Google this how you fix the problem, at to of menu bar on right side click right mouse and go to customize toolbar click on stylish drag to menu bar and close the toolbar open up choose your style and blue letters are gone. Do the same way to put back stylish in Customize toolbar close the file the problem is fix.

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App tabs and Tab Groups (Panorama) are stored as part of the session data in the file sessionstore.js in the Firefox Profile Folder

You have to make sure not to use Remove recent browsing, search and download history to clear the "Browsing History" if Firefox is closed.

HMaring 0 solutions 1 answers

I would love to try this. Could you help me out? I have typed browser.showQuitWarning where you usually have an URL, but the page that comes up is the cable provider support page. Do I need to add anything to the phrase browser.showQuitWarning?

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You need to type about:config in the location bar to open the about:config page and type the name of the pref in the Filter bar at the top of that page.


nterr 0 solutions 1 answers

You guys, I just figured out the trick to getting simple automatic saving of all tabs without the unnecessary "about:config" editing & without using the new "app tab" function:

1. At the top menu, go "Firefox" -> "Preferences"

2. On "General" tab, under "Startup" -> "When Firefox starts:" select "Show my windows and tabs from last time" from the drop-down menu

3. Please note you must quit Firefox completely to save all of your tabs: Go up to "Firefox" -> "Quit Firefox" for tabs to save automatically. Don't just close the window you're using. That's the trick here.

Hope this helps!

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For anyone trying the options and setting Firefox to start with previous tabs rather than a Homepage see Startup, home page and download settings. Note the Knowledge Base article should, by default, provide the menu names used in your OS and version of Firefox. (clicking on the options with the + signs will display the others - some of the menu names will differ in say Windows compared with Linux.)

This discussion started because of changes introduced with Firefox 4. The method nterr is using means that a set of default Home Pages is not set. Prior to Firefox 4 Homepages may be set and there was still the option, by default, to restart on previous tabs and Windows by making a choice on an explicit question asked on closedown.

IIRC the development decision regarding a key part of the change was deliberate based on the premise that the user should not need to decide each time on closedown whether tabs and Windows be saved. Instead the premise was that, if the user had correct settings, the decision could be deferred and made on startup. In firefox 5.0a2 I believe this still applies and the default setup will still display a big restore button in the centre of the startup screen.

The original solution chosen, provides a lot of background info on the settings, and one of the changes involved in this problem.

This is now rather a long thread, and if you read through it most questions about this problem are probably answered, but if anyone can not see an answer, then as this thread is already marked as solved it may be better to post a new question.

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Firefox 4 saves the previous session automatically, so there is no longer need for the dialog asking if you want to save the current session.
You can use "Firefox > History > Restore Previous Session" to get the previous session.
There is also a "Restore Previous Session" button on the default about:home Home page.

Another possibility is to use:

  • Tools > Options > General > Startup: "When Firefox Starts": "Show my windows and tabs from last time"
Napkinmouse 0 solutions 1 answers

The App tabs don't work on my computer nor does the "Restore Sessions" on the Firefox homepage :( It only works as long as I keep it on. It no longer sees it once I shut off the computer (I hope that makes sense)

Even so, I would only use an App tab when I am on something constantly. And half the time I only have something on there for about 2 days - but I still want it their the next day! I don't want to have to go and find it again :'(

ntrigue75 0 solutions 1 answers

I'm glad I continued reading up to this post. I was about to give up after seeing no one found the solution until you put it on here. Thanks a bunch. I am a happy camper again.

rocknjulius 0 solutions 1 answers

no save tabs?? why why why...

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tabs can be saved, read other posts in this thread or better still ask a separate question explaining exactly what problems you are having. Please use https://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/ask