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How do I download the firefox exe file to a flash drive so I can install on a just formatted hard drive?


I am getting a new PC with a blank Hard Drive. I want to d/l firefox to a flash drive so I can install it on the new PC

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The default on the down load is to run the exe file instead of saving it.

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It is relatively trivial to download firefox on to a computer then to transfer the installation file to a flash drive and from a flash-drive install it on another computer. That however may not be your only hurdle.

The question is how blank is the newly formatted hard drive.

  • Does it even have a working Operating System (if so what) ?
  • and is the system able to use USB & flash drives ?
  • If you can install firefox is the required hardware and software set up correctly and connected to an ISP.

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The pc will come with only Windows 7 pro installed.

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Hi Tom, I think I was taking the mention of a blank hdd too literally.

Download the installation file on to the first computer, presumably the Windows 7 machine you are writing posts on. You may use the site: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all.html the actual installation file downloaded will probably be called something along the lines of firefox setup 3.6.13.exe. Copy the installation file from the 1st computer on to the USB memory stick (I am assuming you are using a memory stick - rather than an internal solid state flash drive) then to the 2nd computer. Click the file to run it and firefox should install.

For more detail see How to download and install Firefox on Windows