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I have tried it, I hate it, bring back the Status bar. This is a UI nightmare.


I have given the new FF4 betas a shot but I really hate the lack of a status bar. I would think that the fact over 32,000+ people using a BETA have downloaded an extension that emulates the old Status Bar is a pretty clear indicator that this was a UI mistake. Leave it off be default, fine. Bury the option in About:Config... fine. But don't remove the option entirely, this has completely messed up the UI experience for me.

I don't like the Chrome UI and I LIKED that Firefox felt different... why are we making it a clone? If you remove my options then I may as well just use Chrome then since it'll feel the same. FF has always been about choice, and it seems that has been forgotten in FF4. I for one am highly disappointed.

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I'm curious as to exactly which feature of the Statusbar you would be missing.

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51Cards: which plugin is that? I would like to download it.

the-edmeister: my eyes always go to the status bar when I hover over a link because i want to know where the link goes. Right now it shows a truncated version of it in the awesome bar, but i would like to see the whole link.

Also, when websites are loading slowly, the status bar was a quick place to look at to get useful info like what host it is looking up/connecting to, what it is downloading etc. The spinning icon on the tab to show it is "loading something" just doesn't cut it.

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See http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=2001965 [Ext] Status-4-Evar 2010.12.19.22

Open the "View > Toolbars > Customize" window after you have installed the Status-4-Evar extension and drag the items (Status Text, Progress Meter, Download Status) upon the Add-ons Bar (View > Toolbars > [X] Add-on Bar)

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Thanks! I'll try that out

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I will confess my post was a little rant based but simply put, the new system is annoying on several levels.

Lost functionality / issues:

- ability to see what elements of a web site are loading as the page processes. Frequently I hit pages that won't load and in FF3 I can see by the status bar that it's the Ad provider or something that is causing the delay. That capability, to monitor progress, has been lost completely in the new UI.

- inability to compare the current URL to the target URL. Sounds silly and as a developer perhaps I am in the rare few, but with the new URL preview overlaying the current URL this becomes impossible

- the add-on bar has a close button... right above the Start Menu button in Windows. I have accidentally closed the Add on bar more times than I can count. Placing a close button right beside one of the most frequently clicked UI elements in the leading OS is bad planning.

- making users install add-ons to bring back lost functionality isn't a good idea. I see that 35,000+ people have already downloaded the Status-4-Evar extension. This is for a Beta release? Doesn't that seem pretty high when all the extension does is replicate a piece of standard UI that has been removed? For a Beta user crowd? Once this goes GA I can only image that number will be FAR higher.

- lack of control over alignment. The Add-on bar, due to its lack of a status label, moves all the extension to the left end of the bar. In Windows all status information is generally in the lower right. This breaks the overall flow of what the user expects. I agree that the old status bar forced everything to the right and thus there was no alignment control but A. this is more natural of a default based on the system tray location, and B.. my suggestion below would have given the user proper control.

There was such a simple way to implement this and not leave existing users in the dark:

- leave the status bar as it was, default off if desired, even control it through the tool bars menu.

- make the 'status text/progress/preview' label removable (drag it in and out like every other tool bar feature). Default it to the classic position, and note that it can be dragged out.

- use the visibility of the status label at the bottom as a flag to disable/enable the URL preview at the top. If the status label is placed anywhere, then turn off the URL bar preview.

I really did want to like the new cleaner UI but I think too much is being sacrificed. The reason I stay away from Chrome despite it's brilliant performance is that I can't stand the UI. It's far more 'broken' than FF4 is (esp the last beta)... but sadly FF4 seems to want to follow right along and be a clone.

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I have used Firefox since it first came out, and always loved it. Firefox 4.0.1 is a different story. This must be one of the worst software upgrades across the board, of any software package I have ever used. I have stuck with it for a few weeks, and I have now finally given up.

Constant crashes, constant freezes, many plugins no longer work, my favorite among them, i.e PDF plugin to see PDF files inside the browser. AppTabs disappear over and over.

I have downgraded back to 3.6.17 and hope things will be better again.

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I can't get Fast Dial to work. Too many s-a think they know what they're doing i m going to check out the other guys if they don't fix this