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Where is the folder containing all my bookmarks?


I need to locate the folder on my C: drive containing the bookmarks I saved through Firefox. This is easy to do with IE. I have a Favorites icon on my desktop and I can open it and see all my bookmarks.

The same question applies to Xmarks. Xmarks lists all my bookmarks but I have to access them from the browser. I need the folder.

I haven't started using Delicious yet, so maybe that's a solution to organizing bookmarks. But so far, none of the applications or Add-ons for organizing bookmarks works. The best solution is to organize them manually. I create my own folders then transfer the bookmarks into the folders they belong in.

Even Yahoo Bookmarks doesn't have an import feature. So if I want to use it, I have to start from scratch.

I need to move the bookmarks around without having to open them up in a browser.

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With firefox you will be better off using your library feature

  • From the menubar Bookmarks -> Organise bookmarks

The library may not look much at present, because you have not started using it, but it is highly customisable.

Even without using any bookmark related extensions. The library feature of firefox allows you to move around bookmarks and folders of bookmarks easily. You can drag and drop &/or copy and paste.

It is easy with firefox to for instance have rows of folders on the bookmarks toolbar each with nested bookmarks folders, you can also tag bookmarks, and or use shortcut keywords of one or more letters. Or you can open them from the bookmark menu, or the bookmark sidebar, and if you wish the location bar will utilise them.

You can temporarily re-sort your library, with a mouse click or two, by any column heading either up and down or down to up. You can export the bookmark library files as HTMl if you want.

However firefox works with the bookmarks in a special format and the files have the extension .json Be very careful if you work with them. Firefox does automatically create some autobackups, but if used they overwrite existing bookmarks, you must remember to make manual backups first.

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Actual answer bookmarks are in your profile (the places.sqlite) but more important for most purposes also exist as auto backups, by default of the situation on five previous days.

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IE stores all favorites as separate files on your hard drive, so you can always explore them with Windows Explorer. Firefox stores all bookmarks (and history) in one SQLite database file places.sqlite and you need to open Firefox if you want to make changes or inspect your bookmarks.

You can create a desktop shortcut to open the Library:

"C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -chrome chrome://browser/content/places/places.xul