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When will Digital Persona extension be available for Firefox 4


Firefox 4.0 says this extension is not compatable. Does anyone know when it will be available

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Check with Digital Persona about an update for Firefox 4.0.

Omar_Hawk 0 solutions 1 answers

Helpful Reply

I just sent a mail to the support. They told me the following:

Thank you for contacting DigitalPersona. There will be no update for Firefox 4. We apologize for this inconvenience.


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Efreak101 16 solutions 182 answers

@Omar_Hawk That really stinks...

hightech769 0 solutions 1 answers

Me Also sent an Email to digitalpersona and their answer Was:

Thank you for contacting DigitalPersona. There will be no update releases for DigitalPersona Personal in the future. There will be no updates for Firefox 4 nor Internet Explorer 9. IF they work they work, if they do not work with DPPersonal, then you will have to decide to either keep DPPersonal and forgo Firefox 4 or IE 9, or vice versa. DigitalPersona is leaving the consumer market and is focusing on business applications. In fact, DigitalPersona Personal will not longer be supported after Mid-April of this year. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. Sincerely, Tech Team

Mak1964 0 solutions 1 answers

Sorry, but i'm italian and i write in italian language. I have solve.

Esite un add-on che si chiama "Fingerfox (SE)", l'ultima versione e' la 2.20.2. Questo Add-on assieme a "DigitalPersona personal" risolve il problema. In firefox bisogna disattivare "DigitalPersona Extension" (io avevo la versione che funzionava con Firefox 3.6 ma non con la 4). Installate "Fingerfox (SE)". Quando andate su un sito dove e' presente un login cliccate sull'icona in basso a destra e si aprira' il popup di "Fingerfox (SE)". A questo punto NON INSERITE LE CREDENZIALI NEL POPUP, ma strusciate il dito sul vostro fingerprint e si aprira' l'utility di DigitalPersona Personal. Inserite le credenziali in Digitalpersona Personal e sara' questo ad occuparsi di trasferire le credinziali a "Fingerfox (SE)".

Se qualcuno vuole puo' tradurlo in lingua inglese.

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germax25 0 solutions 1 answers

Helpful Reply

My Italian is a bit rusty, but this was very helpful so I will have a go.

There is an add-on called Fingerfox SE, latest version is 2.20.2. This add-on, in conjuction with DigitalPersona personal, will resolve the problem. In FireFox disable DigitalPersona extension. When you go to a website with a login screen, once you click the icon on the bottom right you will get the fingerfox popup. DO NOT ENTER YOUR CREDENTIALS IN THIS POPUP, instead swipe your finger on the figerprint reader which will activate the Digital Persona utility. Enter your credentials in Digital Persona personal and they will be transferred to FingerFox.

ar_itra 0 solutions 9 answers

you should install "Add-on compatibility reporter" addon. then you can install all the addons.

reinaldoh 0 solutions 1 answers

I sent them this:

"Hello. This is not a help message. It's just to express my sadness of trusting in you and getting this kind of behavior.

By not supporting Firefox 4, you're messing with an entire nation of computer users that one day will need to buy a security product and they'll have to think in another trademark that not DigitalPersona.

Please, rethink your ideals, and especially in your consumers. Thanks."

Hagar1 0 solutions 3 answers

Did you ever think this is a Mozilla firefox issue rather then digital persona? What security measure was enhanced that firefox 3.6 would work okay but firefox 4.0 won't?


illya 0 solutions 1 answers

I am afraid that this is primarily a Digital Persona issue. I am appalled that they discontinued supporting this application. They claim to "close the gap between people and security". What an utter load of nonsense!

I have an HP HDX laptop and in my opinion HP should step in and find a solution. I think that it is unbelievable that they let things like this happen to a lot of new laptops.

I swear that if they ignore this, I will never buy an HP product again. I will also boycott DigitalPersona and I urge everybody involved to do this!!!

Luckily, DigitalPersona works in IE 9 for me even though DigitalPersona have said that IE 9 is not supported either. The fingerprint reader is so much more convenient to use that I will ultimately switch over to IE 9, if no solution is found.

Also, I tried Fingerfox (SE) and it is pretty much useless in my opinion.

People, let DigitalPersona people and your computer manufacturer know your opinion. This kind of nonchalant behaviour towards customers is inexcusable and there is no place for that kind of attitude in today's information society.

zzxc 22 solutions 242 answers

According to HP's support forum (http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Other-Notebook-PC-questions/DigitalPersona-add-on-for-Firefox-4/td-p/564531), the Fingerfox extension for Firefox 4 works with DigitalPersona. This would let you use your fingerprint reader with Firefox.

This add-on is at: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/fingerfox-se/

Forzar88 0 solutions 2 answers

This is copied from another source, but it worked for me in FF4:

We are very happy to tell you there is good news. The latest version of HP SimplePass( has already supported FireFox4 and IE9.

Please follow below these step instructions: 1. Uninstall current HP SimplePass on your computer. 2. Install HP SimplePass and try again.

Hint: The latest version of HP SimplePass is available for download at http://www.egistec.com/websitedownload/patch/bioexcess/HPSimPlePass7.0.74.0.zip

Note: Before you will uninstall HP SimplePass, you can backup the data of Online Account. How to backup the data of Online Account: a). Open the Control center. b). Select “General Settings -> Data Backup Settings” c). Click “Browse…” to select a place to put your backup file. And input backup password and Hint. d). Check “Online Account data” option. And then Click “OK”. Backup data successfully. After reinstalling HP SimplePass, you can restore the backup file. How to restore the data of Online Account: a). Open the Control center. b). Select “General Settings -> Data Restore Settings” c). Click “Browse…” to select your backup file. And input backup password. d). Click “OK”. Restore data successfully.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further assistance.

Yours Sincerely EgisTec Customer Services

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