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How can I remove Firefox if it will not remove through my control panel - add or remove programs?


Firefox will not let me remove the program through the standard proceedure of going to my control panel and clicking remove. Is there a way to remove it manually?

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davewdan 3 solutions 129 answers

The following is a slightly revised set of instructions from the KB article "Uninstalling Firefox:


If the Uninstall Wizard does not run in add/remove programs, you can start it manually, by running C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\uninstall\helper.exe.

1. In the Mozilla Firefox Uninstall Wizard that opens, click Next.

2. Click Uninstall.

NOTE: If Firefox is still open, you must close Firefox to proceed with the uninstall.

If you want to remove your Firefox user data and settings, put a check mark in the box that says Remove my Firefox personal data.

NOTE: If you select this option, Firefox will not preserve your bookmarks, saved passwords, and other data if it is installed again.

To provide feedback on your Firefox experience to the development team, select Tell us what you thought of Firefox.

3. Click Finish.

4. To remove added plugins or other files and folders that may not be removed by the uninstall you must manually delete the Firefox installation folder, which is located here by default:

C:\Program files\Mozilla Firefox

To remove all of the junk left behind, do a Windows Search for all file and folders containing the word "mozilla." You should only have to search the C:\ drive.

BE CAREFUL as some of the items found may refer to Mozilla Thunderbird. Only delete those items pertaining to Mozilla Firefox.

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When I tried to type in C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\uninstall\herper.exe it just vanished! Not Firefox, but the address. I typed this in the Control Panel. I tried removing it through the control panel add or remove programs and it will not remove. Am I doing the manual method correctly or do I need to type this in somewhere else? Could Firefox have a virus?

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davewdan 3 solutions 129 answers

Open "My Computer" and navigate to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\uninstall. In the uninstall folder double-click on the file "Helper.exe"

This should start the uninstall wizard. Follow the wizard instructions.

When complete, do a Windows Search with the keyword "Mozilla." Delete any leftover files that are found. Careful that you don't delete any Thunderbird files if you are using it.

If you are familiar with editing the registry file you can do a "find" in regedit to get rid of all the junk that was left there. If you are not familiar then leave it alone.

Modified by davewdan