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how do I restart firefox?


I'm simply trying to restart firefox but want my windows to be saved...just like when you restart and firefox saves the websites you are on. How do I just restart the browers without losing my open websites?

I hope this question makes sense!

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This should do it:

  • Tools > Options > General > Startup: "When Firefox Starts": "Show my windows and tabs from last time"

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I got as far as general but there isn't a startup option

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The General tab in Tools > Options > General has three section: Startup , Downloads, Add-ons

The Startup section begins with "When Firefox Starts" and that item has a drop down selection list.

See Startup, home page and download settings

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got it, thank you for clearing that up for me!! I leave my windows open and sometimes it sucks up memory and I have to restart firefox but I don't like to lose my tabs. thank you, hopefully this works.

I would like a way to restart while the tabs are open, like when you update or make changes to add ons and it tells you to restart firefox, that's what I was hoping there was a option for somewhere..but this should work, I'll just close the tabs and hopefully they will re-open again.