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Whenever I install Mozilla Firefox 3.6.12, it says "Extraction Failed, File is Corrupt".


It started when I noticed that my Yahoo! Mail (It gives me an error message) and my Twitter page (which gives me a blank page) so I asked my professor on how I can fix it, she told me that I might have to re-install the browser, and today I uninstalled everything Firefox, but I made an HTML and a Backup file for my bookmarks.

Even though my Firefox was updated, I downloaded again the latest Firefox Version (which was 3.6.12) and installed it, but it ended up saying 'Extraction Failed, File is Corrupt.' I also tried the Version that is optimized for Yahoo, and it gave me the same response. I also tried installing Mozilla 4, and it also gave me the same response.

I tried installing it to my desktop (this is a notebook I'm using), and still it gives me the same response.

Can anyone help me on this one? Please thank you!

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The problem with the Yahoo!Mail and Twitter has been going on 2 weeks ago, but the Extraction Failed issue started today (November 26,2010)


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It is possible that your anti-virus software is corrupting the downloaded files or otherwise interfering with downloading files by Firefox.
You can try to disable the real-time (live) scanning of files in your anti-virus software temporarily to see if that makes downloading work.

See http://kb.mozillazine.org/Unable_to_save_or_download_files

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Well, we have 2 Antivirus that is separately installed on 2 units. On my notebook, it's symantec, on our desktop, it's mcafee, is it possible to have the same symptoms on different computers? :0

Recently I saw another page on that shows a direct download to an older version of Firefox, so I'll check that out. ><

I'll also try your answer (even though I don't know how to disable it...) Thank You Very Much! :D