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Hello. This is a family laptop which means children/grandchildren sometimes use it without direct supervsion. Can I disable the private browsing feature or if not is there anyway that I can keep an eye on what sites they may have visited? Private browsing is a good idea ifyou are buying a secret present or something but I am unable to directly supervise them all the time and I do like to check up on what they have been doing. Can anyone help?

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Private browsing can not be disabled.

One option to consider is a third party web filtering tool such as the free K9 Web Protection. As well as keeping a log of web activity, it can be used to block sites based on categories that you choose.

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this is a problem, we cannot protect our children, because everything is free for sex addicts and perverts K9 Web protection, does not work well and blocks other sites that are important. why ???!!!! cant someone come up with an idea of general password for adults who are sick and addicted to shit??? internet ruins our children, our marriages, relationships!!!! Everything is hypersexualised, our children are becoming slaves of internet and porn, same with men and women isnt there a one smart person in the world that can invent something????

why we, normal people have to always worry about this shit on the computer???? and every browser is not helping, they decide to develop "in private browsing"

why not to develop a family friendly browser???? why not to protect our families???? all of this is unecessary evil, and one day we will all regret it. make the sick people pay for porn....not the families for web filtering that never works 100%

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There is, and for a long time has been, a free and family safe browser. It is the Kidzui browser found at http://www.kidzui.com and ALL content available through this browser is hand selected before being available. It has games, applications, videos, web sites, etc. and all are guaranteed kid friendly.

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Brilliant thank you

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Thank to all who bothered to reply. Its a constant worry for me that young, vulnerable and emotionally immature kids and young people can access horrendous stuff at the flick of a button. I think that Browsers are wrong to have private browsing - and that includes you Firefox!!!!

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Securing your computer, supervision and use in a family room are about the only answers. You might try trust - but good luck with that.

It is possible in ordinary circumstances to delete all traces in normal browsing.

A different browser can be installed and uninstalled in no time flat. I'd better not tell you what you can do with a USB(Memory) stick.

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There IS a way to Disable Private Browsing in Firefox 3.5/3.6. Not sure if this works in Firefox 4 and newer.


It's a little bit technical but it works.

NOTE: i have not tried this in any of the versions from Firefox 4 up to Firefox 10. Let us know if it works for you.

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There is also the Disable Private Browsing extension: