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How do you move the bookmark toolbar to above the tabs?


Is there any way to move/dock the toolbar back up above my page tabs in the interface? IMO, it makes little ergonomic/hierarchical sense to have the toolbar down below (the tabbed pages). First and foremost I want to look at my current page (displayed). Next in my typical firefox workflow, I want to flip through/look at the other pages I have currently selected (ie. my tabs). Lastly I want to use the toolbar to effect any of the tabs. I keep finding my mouse and eyes have to go the extra distance and hurdle the toolbar just to get at or see my otehr tabs. It's distracting and confusing having to pass over the toolbar. I feel like this interface change was unmotivated by much other than a need to distance the new firefox version from the previous one.... hopefully that's not the case. Could we have the old way back? Or can you point me to a means of reconfiguring the toolbar? Thanks!! I'm excited about the other new features though!

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Right-click on a toolbar and de-select "Tabs on Top"

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Awesome... thanks!!!!