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Firefox 4 won't let me organize my bookmarks.


When I try to organize my bookmarks. Nothing happens.

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Every time Firefox opened

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Just now

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Robeespenc 0 solutions 4 answers

This update is really dreadful.

NOTHING has improved they have just made it less user friendly. We cannot organise bookmarks. We get tabs when we dont want them. Opening new pages is much slower. What a total waste of time.

vicarious1 0 solutions 1 answers

I LOVE Firefox BUT: 1/ The bookmark renaming issue is really uncalled for. 2/ When someone like me who has used FF since day one to 5.0 I have over 3000 Bookmarks they are backed up in "DEL" & "Net Vous" (double security) the FF architecture becomes a problem. 3/ As Designer I am very detailed in classifying bookmarks but the all over visibility with the bookmark bar starting horizontal then going vertical is awful. 4/ Why not allow to run a bookmark window in the back ground showing them in a Tag format that can be arranged within groups? 5/ One also wonders if I put a bookmark in the bar will it be saved into my general unclassified bookmarks? 6/ The tabs on top now I think are not better as it forces longer mouse movements and the should be in color without having to add coloured tabs extensions. 7/ Too many extensions slow FF easily even with a good Ram setup.