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Firefox constantly locking up my XP desktop PC (crashing)


Hi guys-

Help! I love Firefox, but unfortunately am forced to ask this question using IE!

For the past few months, I've been having these strange hangups on my computer while using Firefox. I always have the latest version installed..

What happens is suddenly while browsing the computer will start to get laggy and then pretty much just freeze up. I can hit ctrl-alt-delete, but sometimes it will take up to 2 minutes to popup, then 2 minutes to kill Firefox, etc, then 2 minutes to recover, and then finally the PC is useable again.

This used to happen only every so often, but its happening mutliple times a day now. It seem the longer FF is open, the more likely it will crash. While the freezing/crashing is occurring the drive light is on constantly and the drive is chugging away.

I've really narrowed the cause down to Firefox, not my PC. I recently did a full defrag/cleanup and have run a spyware deleter, and have HD space still available.

This will only happen while Firefox is open- browsing with IE never hangs up, but I want to use FireFox!

I have uninstalled FF and reinstalled it, no luck. I did keep my settings when i did it though.

I am using Xmarks, "close button" and have an MS Net addon in the addon list that i cant seem to uninstall (even manually)

Please HELP!

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have to task kill FF, never get a message

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xmarks close button memory manager (to try and stop crashes)


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Question owner

Still happening.. I've disconnected all usb devices, cleaned my registry, cleared the cache.. uninstalled every add on i can

i just now increased my cache space.. we'll see what that does

hoping somebody can help me :)

Question owner

Anybody Home? Hellooooo

4 days later, no reply but FF is still locking up if I leave it running.

Almost ready to make a switch :/

People clearly have the same problem- wish somebody could address this..

Mycosyco 0 solutions 1 answers

I'm sorry I can't help, but I'm experiencing the same thing. Once it happens I can't minimize the window. I go through the start menu and open task mgr. and close Firefox. I'm not sure why this started happening but I can't install the new version because I use Roboform and they have not upgraded to the new version of Firefox so I'm stuck.

I don't think it's a virus, I've done all the right things. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled my version (3.5.5) of Firefox and it's still happening.

There's a lot of hits on Google for this problem so I'll keep on searching for a solution, it's too bad there's not one on your Mozilla post which was near the top of the search.

Ankharan 0 solutions 1 answers

Dunno, it has been happening to me too for a few months. Locks my computer up completely. Can't even use the task manager to kill the program. I've let it hang for close to an hour without the ability to kill the program. Kinda sick of it. Used to love FF but this is getting out of hand to have to hard kill (push the power button) to reboot.

Running XP, all the latest and greatest updates for XP, no games on my system, no malware, spyware, virii, backdoors, don't go to porn sites. And very little in the way of programs that are NOT from MS, i.e. Office 2003, etc. FireFox is one of four programs that are not original for this computer. Excepting my anti-virus program, malwarebytes, and registry cleaner (from microsoft). These have never been an issue before but it seems that since the last upgrade from FF... my computer has been effing up. hate to have to uninstall it... again and never use FF again but leaving little to no option. Pisses me off too because that means I have to do a full restore to original. We all know that uninstalling a program does not wipe it off of your computer or out of the registry and no amount of cleaning the reg. completely gets these programs off of your computer without manual removal... not a good idea for anyone that is not an expert at dealing with the reg.

So... any of you FF guru's have any clue as to wtf is going on?

piojoblanco 0 solutions 1 answers

I am also having the same problem with Firefox browser. I am also been having problems with Firefox becoming non-responsive, sometimes to the point of severely slowing down my computer. Most of the time I have to go into the Task Manager and End the Firefox process. After several failed attempts of using Firefox while in a rush to finish a given project I have been forced to fire up Internet Explorer. (Please don't make me do it again!)

I was using the version 3 point something when I started having the issue, and I continued having the problem after I upgraded to version 4. Version 4 tends to lock up more frequently. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium on an HP G62 laptop. However, I had the same issue under Windows Vista on my HP G60 laptop with both 3.xx and 4 for Firefox. I have tried fresh system installs on both laptops with no resolution to the Firefox problem.

I have been seriously considering finding another browser. I have been using Firefox for the past few years as my primary web browser. I have always recommended Firefox in place of Internet Explorer. I REFUSE to use Internet Explorer as my primary browser, but it looks like I might have to replace Firefox also.


robschlein 0 solutions 1 answers

Helpful Reply

I'm on FF8 with similar issues when I leave the browser running for extended periods or with about 10 tabs active.

Firefox leaks memory TERRIBLY...when the hard drive just groans I know it's time to kill the process...It can leak up to 1GB in a few hours.

I go back and forth to Chrome which used to crash every 4 hours or so. I think their latest edition is more stable.

FF8 needs to fix the leaks for sure.